Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Birthday G-G-Mah!

Big day in San Juan Capistrano (SFC), as an unsuspecting group of ladies ate Mexican food at 'Ricardo's', and a small girl with a LARGE bouquet were waiting in the parking lot. We got our cameras ready and went inside.

We had to walk around the restaurant to find Grandma Lois, Mom, and their great SFC friend, Diane.  Funny thing was, the bouquet was so large, Olive couldn't see where she was going, and patrons just saw a large bundle of yellow roses, wobbily floating towards them.

As Olive approached the table, Grandma had no idea who, or what was supporting those floating flowers, but then Olive jumped out and said 'Surprise'!!

Grandma's mouth dropped. She had no idea we were swinging by, and we all had a good hug session with lots of kisses and smiles.  This was soon interrupted by a group of Mariachi singers, belting out 'Happy Birthday!' and also brought Flan (and a lovely Sombrero) for the birthday girl.  The whole restaurant sang along, and Grandma rocked the new hat!

And to celebrate my Grandma's 90th, I had a Mexican 'Manhattan' (otherwise known as a 'Margarita'). Mmmmmm it was yum!

We all caught up then headed outside for some lovely group shots in the parking lot.  Grandma still was in shock we were there.  ;)

Thanks to the greatest Grandma ever!  G-G-Mah Lois Peterson, age 90 and going STRONG!