Friday, December 25, 2009

Olive's first Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry christmas from Santa's little helper..

But before we get to presents, lets chew on some toys for breakfast..

Oddly enough, Olive really got into the tearing of the paper. As for the contents inside, well, not so much. But later she was mesmerized by a little orange giraffe that Aunt Spike had given her..

Great Grandma Lois gave her a little Santa outfit. How cute is that..?

And no Christmas morning is complete without 'Pee Wee Hermans Christmas Special'. (It is one of my all time favorites).

Grandma got Olive a little porch swing, so we bundled her up and gave it a spin.

She really loved it, and was one of the first time Ive heard her giggling and laughing. It was one of her favorite gifts!

She loves it when mommy pushes the swing. But as great as this gift was.. there was just one problem...

The rope to hang it from was only 3 feet long! So we had to suspend her from the Gazebo and stand on a chair to push her! (hope she is not afraid of heights).

So we went back inside and hung out with Uncle Jason,

and our good friend Marney.

And here is our first of hopefully many, many, many christmas's to come!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well something was in the air, and this little girl was very excited.

What would Santa bring..? Toys, Clothes, Cookies, Christmas Sweaters..?

Grandma Rachel came by to help with the fun!

The Suayas also joined us for a lovely Christmas Eve dinner. Afterwords, Susanna and Olive talk about their christmas wish lists..

Papa Paolo helps Diego with some 'connect the dots'.

Cheers! (Susanna brought over some lovely Brandy and I threw a couple logs on the tv).

The Suayas also brought Olive a lovely monster bathrobe. But I had to check it out first..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting ready with mommy..

Just walking by, I saw these two getting ready.. Thanks to that lovely 'Bumbo' chair, it gives you five minutes to fix some coffee, wash your face, answer the phone, etc..

Something funny about Olive just sitting in the bathroom, just hanging out. I just started snapping away.

Unfortunately, I took so many photos, the camera battery ran out. So I left her in the bathroom as I recharged the thing.

Six hours later we grabbed her and continued our shoot.

Im joking Grandma, she was with us the whole time. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Luca and Olive

Together again, little Luca and Olive have another playdate. They tend to just sit on furniture, and occasionally grab an ear or a sleeve. Thats about it really..

Boy if thats not a true shot of a couple, I dont know what is.. Luca is watching the game while Olive is getting pushed off the couch.. (Reminds me of our cats, Gigi and Capri.)

Happy baby!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

4 month check up..

Just arrived for the 4 month check up!
(Daddy looks happier about this than Olive does..)

Still lighter than a bowling ball, still cute as a button, our Olive weighs in at 13.5 lbs.

She was pretty happy about that.

Especially when the doctor told us that her weight/growth/etc is right on target.


He also mentioned it was time for her monthly shot.


Your kidding me.. Another shot?!

But the good news is, the nurse was really good, and while Olive was having her bottle, the nurse quickly jabbed her, and Olive didnt even flinch.

And with that, we were good to go! See you at five months Doc!