Sunday, September 27, 2009

grand-Potatoes! Day 3

A lovely morning to find your dad and daughter in the kitchen.

And let me just tell you, dear reader, that my dad does not smile in photos. So either there is something in that coffee, or Olive is working her magic again.

Who me?

Grandma Cathy knows all of Olives favorite spots. O wasn't sure what exactly was going on, but she certainly liked it. The amazing part this week is she is learning to smile and we're beginning to see how happy this little girl really is.

I think she gets it from her mom.. Who treated us to another fantastic little meal: The breakfast pizza!

So we changed her after breakfast and she was feeling a little shy in her new tie-die onesie. I told her it would be alright.

So we headed out West to the Gene Autry Museum and saw spurs, stagecoaches, Western art and even the Lone Ranger's costume.

Of course I was the last one out of the place, so they patiently waited for me.

So we headed home for our leftover Polka (yum) and prepared for one last family photo. And I'd say Olive was ready to model her new look:

Say Cheese!

Thanks to the Grand-Potatoes for such a lovely visit. We'll come up and visit you guys the next time around. Until then, Dad, get some high speed internet so we can video chat in the future, as I think we'll be set up for that in mid October.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grand-Potatoes! Day 2


Ok, Ok.. Ill let you sleep in a bit Olive.. Sorry.

But I have to keep snapping these.. Someday I hope you thank me..

For creepy shot of the day.. Something tells me we'll have to keep an eye on Gigi. I think he is a little jealous of all the attention Olive gets.

And after a lovely breakfast, we headed down to the Americana to do some shopping.

We ducked into a couple shops and just couldnt resist.. Sorry O. Thats what happens when you pass out and there are cameras around.

About a week ago, Olive really started responding to this one book Rebecca was reading her. Its really kind of crazy to think that at 9 weeks, she could or would respond to such things, but every time she see's this baby Einstein 'mirror' book, her arms and legs start pumping and she busts out a big ol smile.

So in hopes of recreating that, we stopped by the local bookshop to find some others..

And lookie here.. Whats this? Only books from this weeks "number one movie!" If you havent seen it yet, check it out!

Then we were off to Diego Sauya's 5th birthday, and as you can tell, this years theme was 'Star Wars' and Mr. Vader was the guest of honor. There were lots of Diegos friends there, and it was a scorcher. Id hate to be stuck in a Darth Vader costume entertaining a bunch of 5 years olds, thats for sure.

But many of us just grabbed a juice box and some shade and watched the festivities. Here are the Williams' doing just that. And we must point out, all of Olives hip and fashionable clothes are actually Brookes hand me downs. This baby, and her mommy have awesome style and we cant wait for the next batch! Thanks Brooke!

And while I was outside, photographing the party, (and melting) these guys played it smart and stayed inside playing with Olive.

We later went for dinner at our favorite restaurant 'Polka'. And quickly fell asleep. good night!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Grand-Potatoes! Day 1

Olive knew something very special was happening today, so she put on her best onesie.

Grandma and Grandpa Kuska!

Straight from Moscow, Idaho, Dad and Cathy came by to visit their grand daughter.

It was nice to see them, and great to be back at aunt Mary's.

I had to finish some stuff at the office, but I am so glad to have these photos. Some real magic here that Olive and I will hold onto for a long time.

We've been looking forward to having them visit. And we were sure to take many, many photos.

So a lot more to come, I just have to get some sleep..

Good night..!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of Mr.T!

So Saturday was not just any saturday in my book, because I was Rebecca's date to the premiere of her new film: "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" (which opens Sept 18th, and she pays a nickel every time I mention that).

September 18th! September 18th! September 18th! September 18th! (ooooh a quarter already!)


We arrived in Westwood and got to see all the cameras and reporters awaiting the arrivals of the mega stars that did voices for the film. And in this photo you can see the directors (in the middle) and SNL member Bill Hadar on the left of the screen.

The energy was crazy over there.. Anna Farris, Neil Patrick Harris, and other big names, but I looked all around for one of my all time idols..

And he was no where to be found...!

But we did bump into many of Rebecca's coworkers and they were all super excited to see her and to ask about Olive. We were so happy to bump into Melissa, one of Olives first visitors, and many many more of the Sony-Olive fan club.

The movie was fantastic and wacky and just a lot of fun. It was in 3D and we had to wear these funky glasses. And at the end of the film, we watched the credits and found Rebecca's name and even Olive's! (she got a credit as a 'production baby').

Now I know its a bit blurry.. I probably should have put the 3D glasses on the camera lense and then taken the shot, but I was just too excited to think of something so clever.. So squint your eyes and try and find 'Olive Georgina Kuska' up there. (HINT: its in the left column).

And finally, what we've all been waiting for..

Mr. T did a great voice for one of the characters and after the premiere he came out and was talking with the fans. It was surreal. And even though I was super stoked to be in his presence, I still remembered my little Olive.. So I pulled out a photo and cautiously approached the man.

The conversation phonetically went like this:

E: Ummmm, excuse me Mr. T? Could I get a picture with you?

T: You sure caaaaahaann. It would be Mister T's privlidge.

E: Ah cool..! Umm, this is my daughter Olive, and she cant be here today, but I grew up watching you, and my daughter is going to grow up watching you as well. Im a big fan.

and then he turned to me, shook my hand and looked me straight in the eye and said:

T: Awwwwww.. That makes me prou-oud to have yor trust. And I appreciatte that. And I want you to know, Im gonna work azzzz hard azzzz I caahan, to earn and keeee-eeeep that trust.


E: Wow. Thank you so much!

T: God bless you and your famly. I pity da fool who does not read Olive's blog... Mmmmmmm.

(Ok I made that last line up, but the rest was the word for word conversation with Mr. T. (Now how many people can boast of something like that?))

Well keeeeeds. Stay in skooh, dont play da fooh. And go watch yourselves some A-Team reruuuunz or go rent Rocky threeeeeeeeee.


Mr. E

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chicago day 5

Up early again. Hmmm, is this a pattern here?

Timmy jr. climbed up on the couch to say 'Hi!' to Olive and I. And it made our day.

Thanks Timmy!

And here is little Spencer. He is an angel and loves to chew spoons. So far, thats all Ive got. This kid loves to chew spoons.

Carrie and Timmy jr were off to a dancing class, or was it knife throwing..? Hmmm. I forget. Anyways, they were off to a class.

Max played mix and match, while I became jealous of his pajamas. How awesome are those..?

Like I said..


So we drove back to grandma's to spend a couple hours before our flight.

Olive was so happy to be around them again. They both had lots to laugh about.

Grandma showed me how to work her magic. She certainly has the touch.


And we couldnt leave without getting a picture with Grandpa's prized houseplant.

(oh, and that swordfish too)

Grandma gave us a tour of her art studio and her latest works.

And to end such a wonderful trip, Rebecca helped Grandma log into Facebook.


And Vicki swung by with some surprises of her own.

She had some baby pictures of Ashley and Buster, and they were identical to our little O!

She also had some of Ashley's baby clothes. And there was one item that we just couldnt resist.

Somehow I think this is one of those photos that Olive will cringe at when she is 18. But we thought it was pretty darn funny.

Four generations and counting!

We quickly packed and mom whooshed us off to Ohare.

Olive was so great on her second flight ever! It was a wonderful trip and we had a great time. Thanks everone for coming out to see us! We had a blast!