Sunday, June 27, 2010

Olive's first Birthday!

Crazy to think that almost a year ago, Rebecca and I were still trying to imagine just who this little baby was going to be.. But now, a year later, we've gotten to know Olive, this little gem of a girl who crawls, garbles, waves, kisses, and ahh-hahs at the slightest of things.. She has taken us by storm and we love her more each and every day..

And we're not the only ones. And although she has a fan club of hundreds, we decided to throw her a little party with only her 1 year old friends (and their parents).. And Id say it turned out pretty darn well.

Since our backyard was still torn up with scaffolding and cinder blocks, Grandma Rachel offered her backyard. So we sent out some invites, ordered some food, and next thing you know, it was party time!

The margaritas mixed, the balloons hung, the diaper changed. This backyard was once again ready to party!

And soon we had families and friends and it really could not have been any better.

But the bar was raised, as we had a surprise guest! Yep. My mom caught a last minute flight from Chicago to help her grand daughter celebrate the big day.

So many old friends are now new parents! Dave and Pilar and their beautiful baby Violet.

Here they are getting reacquainted..

Olive was working that party hard. She didnt want to miss playing with ANYONE..

God Parents Kevin and Catherine were there to give some hugs..

And the McHenry crew was out in full force. Jason, Sandro, Poppa, Momma, Ashley, Olive, Grandma and Lindsay were all representing Pistakee Bay..

We had bubble machines crankin and the kids just loved them. (so did the parents). All the babies played so well together, it was really neat to watch.

And the big kids went exploring up in the gardens, probably looking for buried treasure, but happy to just climb some trees..

Or find a Ladybug..

Here Beau and Drew cool off in the shade as Drew shows her STFL ticket.

And with everyone in their place, it was 'showtime!'

Which meant a very special performance by StoryTimeFunLand (a local sensation that is soon to take over the universe).

All aboard!! Ticket Taker Mindy announces the STFL train is about to depart!
(This is a group that Ive been performing with these last 3 months. We do a weekly show at a local bookstop in Echo Park, and Olive loves the songs, (and when daddy performs Monkey).

All the songs are interactive and parents and kids sing/play along on toy instruments.

Luca, one of Olive's admirers, is still undecided about all the hype.

But Ryder is sold. I think he and his mommy are STFL's biggest fans!

Even the big kids were starting to tap their feet a bit..

And we finished with a big sing-along version of 'Happy Birthday'. It was such a fun show.

And that means cake!

We werent really sure how she would react to the hole thing, and to be honest, she didnt really care much for this big dessert daddy was holding..

But the big kids knew. And they were the first in line, only to give me advice on how to cut extra large slices. (and it was delicious).

Some of the kids met the band backstage. Even the Monkey was partying down.

I cant tell who is happier here? Theo or Ticket Taker Mindy??

Annabelle and Olive kept playing and playing.

Our good friends Brian and Gabrielle enjoyed some quiet time while little Sarah caught some Z's..

Olive needed a pit stop too. So Grandma Rachel was only too happy to oblige.

Uncle Kevin got in some tickling..

And Daddy finally got some goof time in with his little O.

Say 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!'.

"Daddy, your so silly."

Steve and his two lovely ladies enjoying the day.

And last but not least.. My man Kevin. Because you see.. All these wonderful photos you have just seen were taken by him. I was too busy filling bubble machines and playing with puppets that I couldnt take any pics. So I asked Kev and by the end of the party, he had taken close to 500 shots! (of Tequila).

But seriously, he took some fantastic photos and we were so impressed with all the wonderful little moments that he had captured from the day. Thank you Kevin. This bud's for you..!

erik K


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy 11 months!!

Wow, what a big day it is..

Olive turns 11, Chicago gets a Stanley Cup, and Erik gets to go home on time tonight..


(and Ill do my best to get this blog up to date starting now..)