Friday, July 31, 2009

Its my birthday!! 3 Weeks old!

Dad, if you dont get that fricking camera outta my face Im gonna shove this diaper down your throat.

Wha...? I wouldnt say anything like that..! Must have been the cat or something.. But please, put the camera down.

I mean really dad. Seriously? Your just gonna keep shooting arent you?

Well at least he hasnt dressed me up in any ridiculous outfits or anything..

Ok. Now Im gonna kill him.

Poor Olive. Something tells me she'll get even with us someday.. Oh well..

Happy 3 week birthday O!

Olive and Gigi

A lot of you have asked how Gigi and Olive have gotten along. Well, I wanted to do a whole baby/cat photo shoot to answer that, but Gigi came down with fleas, so I booked a last minute replacement.

Maybe it was all for the better because Olive was exhausted and could not keep her eyes open. She literally was passed out.

And when someone passes out in my house, you usually write on their forehead with a Sharpie, but since this was Olive's first offense, well...

what can I say..?

I know my old photo class teacher would either love this composition or kick me out of the program.. I think it works. Dont you?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little miss Chocolate.

This brown and pink number is her 'pretty woman' dress..

Im afraid at the rate she is growing, this may be the last time it fits..!

How do you spell 'adorable'??

Who said staring contests werent any fun?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aunt Catherine and Uncle Kevin..!

On this lovely Wednesday night, Kevin and Catherine brought us a great dinner and we spent the evening laughing and playing with Olive.

Olive meets her # 1 fan.

Kev had a long day at work, and there is no way to unwind than holding an Olive sloshing around in a nice cold Martini. And when you cant have that, just holding an Olive does pretty well too.

A Hollaway sandwich of O-love.

(too corny..? well its only true..!)

This took a couple tries.. I kept having Kev move to the left a bit, and then to the right..

Kev couldnt understand what I was doing, but once he sees this, I think it will make sense.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Olive Celebrity Look-alikes

One moment, while staring at Olive for like the 15th hour in a row, I could have sworn I saw a baby Rebecca staring right back at me.. Then I saw Rachel, her mom, and then Lois, and then I started seeing Monchichi's and Landon Donovan.. And soon I had a whole slew of celebrity look alikes.. But no women yet..

You guys have any ideas..?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Warrens!

A long time ago, way back in 2008, I tried to grow a mustache.

I also took a puppet class and met some awesome people. April Warren and her husband Ben were two of those.. Since that class we have performed many puppet shows together and had a lot of laughs. Which continued today when they stopped by to see "Little Miss O".

April is the improv and puppeteering queen, and-

Ben is a master at facial expressions, puppet design, and keeping Olive very entertained.

Olive, look forward to hanging with these two, and many, many puppets in your future!

Off to meet Theo.

Good morning Miss Olive. Mr. Blacknose is back.

Ok.. Ill put the camera away...

Mom and daughter enjoy a lovely New Mexico breakfast.

Then mom was off to garden. And Olive went along in her new baby bjorn thingie..

I just hope Olive is not claustrophobic

(But I guess if she endured 9 months in a womb, this contraption feels pretty spacious to her)

Calm as ever, Olive slips into her car seat and off we go!

When we arrived, the annual Atwater 'Slip n Slide' day was well on its way..

But we came by to visit the mighty Thor, I mean 'Theo'.

He is Geogie's little brother, and although he is two weeks younger than Olive, he still has a good 75 pounds on her.

Once again I expected a little more fireworks between the two babies, as their parents are such good friends..

But in the end, they just slept.

Mylissa and Hamish's neighbor, and fellow mother, Catherine stopped by to say 'Hello' and catch up on the latest baby talk.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 14 Tina, Ashley, and Olive.

Rebecca's neighborhood pal Tina stopped by and brought us some fantastic 'In and Out' burgers. They really hit the spot and let me just say, there is no better gift to brand new parents than visiting with food. It is a real nice treat.

Tina was one of the first to have babies, and she had some great advice about starting to pump now and not wait. Also did I mention she brought over food?

That was awesome..

Our cousin Ashley stopped by as she is in town for a big interview. Our fingers are crossed that she moves out here as the more family you have around, the better.

Oh my gosh..! A rare picture of the three of us!

Yeah, you forget to have people take pictures of the three of you together.. Im trying to train my cats to take photos of us but so far that hasnt worked.

She started it.. honest!

Ashley and Rebecca (and Buster) have this weird bond thing going on, ever since they first met.. Its pretty cool to watch, as whenever we'd visit, Id watch them go off and just laugh and catch up on everything, leaving me with my puppets.. (cue the sound of 'sad violins' here). :)

Not trying to push anything on anyone here,, but Ashley sure looks motherly, doesnt she?

(I think we found our babysitter.)

Ashley's bo, Jonathon swung by to meet Olive. Or so he says.. (to be honest I think he just came to see Ash). But seriously, it was nice to see him and he is one cool cat.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Kalbeitzers Cometh

So it was up and at em today as we had lots to do.. First order of business was Olive and daddy watching 'the wire' together. Then Olive's favorite breakfast:

2 milk eggs,
some milk bacon,
a side of milk browns and a glass of milkjuice.

Then Olive had her second bath. She joined in the festivities by peeing in tub, but we were prepared. She came out looking and feeling better than ever...

And keeping up with the cleaning theme, I hold before you Olives first diapar bag. And Ive been told this will be the best smelling diaper collection my nose will have the pleasure of smelling. Because something is changing inside that little girl, and these little hershey kisses she has been making are now mutating into what appears to be a Grey Poupon/Napalm blend..

So while I was taking the bag to the chemical spill facility, Rachel swung by to get a little 'Grandma' time in. And let me tell you, having her around is a blessing! It allows us those little moments to run to the bank, take a shower, eat, etc. Thank you Rachel!

And finally the big meet and greet with the Kalbeitzers! (who are weeks away from their first daughter, Violet). We have a feeling Olive and Violet will be the greatest friends of Glassell Park.

Pilar and Rebecca, the two newest moms on the the block! Pilar only has two weeks to go, and she looks fantastic.

Looking forward to meeting you Violet!