Sunday, July 14, 2013

 May the 4th be with you.   Olives 4th Birthday!!

For those who dont know, Olive is really into Star Wars (and Michael Jackson), so we decided to throw a Star Wars / Michael Jackson party to celebrate her being "the big 4".  Here is the invite:

Anyways it was a big day and lots of planning went into getting everything in the galaxy just right. 

And finally, the big day arrived.

Up early to find the presents. How excited does this girl like right now?  Birthday pancakes and unopened presents await.

Sparkle shoes..!!

-a Tinkerbell poster..! (and many other goodies..)

Look at this happy kid..!

She's all smiles and ready, except she forgot one more present..

Found it!  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!  Now time to get dressed for the party!

Rebecca, Grandma Rachel, and the Martinez family all chipped in and transformed Grandma's backyard to a party playground.  Tents, balloons, craft tables, Star Wars music, play masks, and treasure hunts.  The weather was beautiful and the stage was set.  Daddy worked on the costumes and now without further adieu..

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce:
Luke Skywalker!!

uhh, correction.. Bobba Fett! (another Olive favorite)

I take that back.  I meant the Empire sent plenty of StormTroopers to patrol the party looking for droids (or candy).

Jedis and their chaperones soon showed up.

Grandma Rachel and Darth 'Juan' Taco guy.

Best dressed family: The Walkos!

It was a hot day and the shade tents really helped.

Every kid got to make their own 'pool noodle' Light Saber.

Droid moms are especially well adept at opening juice boxes.

Jedi Junior College commensed and we had a special 'air box' that kept a plastic ball afloat for kids to hit with their sabers.  We also played 'Hot Death Star' (hot potato) and went on a treasure hunt to find those pesky 'space squirrels' hidden around the yard.

Good friends of the rebellion.

The Martinez family! (darth included)

Luke's sister from another mother, Luke Skywalker, Pinata Darth, and
Larry Skywalker (Lukes older brother & Jedi training instructor)

Let the games begin!
First up, Olive vs Darth Piñata.

No matter how cute these kids look, get them in front of a piñata and they go crazy!

After losing some feet and taking some nasty blows, Darth didnt stand a chance when mighty Diego stepped up to the plate.


Lucien and family, enjoying some shade.  And of course, after a piñata, its-

Cake Time!

The R2-D2 cake took some battle damage getting it out of the box, but the kids were not complaining.

Lots of noise, pushing and positioning..

but things got a lot quieter once the cake was served.

Krissy and Yoda Jake

Grandma Rachel with Ms. Lauren and Mrs. Strauss.  Three wonderful women that have done so much for our little daughter.

After the cake, the kids started seeing who could keep their hands in the ice water the longest.  It was a pretty short game.

The Martinez family!  These guys do so much to help us and Olive.  
She loves them so much, as do we!! 

It was fun seeing dad's and their kids spar and play around.

Cutest family!

Move over Leia, there are three new space cadets in town

Whats this..?

Photo Bomb!!
(well done Noah).

Uncle Jason kickin it.

As things wound down, Olive, Ryan, and Eleanor (Olives best friends
at Ribet) all got together to goof around.

Now getting all three to pose for something is near impossible.

You have a window of 3.7 seconds..

Hurry up.. get the shot..!

And their done.

Bored or 'just tired' of getting their picture taken, I love this picture!  
Thanks girls for truly being kids. Love, love, LOVE it!

Bored of being photographed, we decided have the girls take some pictures.  
Olive took these two of Ryan.

And Ryan took this one of Olive.  Well done Ryan!

Eleanor took some as well and when she saw the pic she took, she thought it was the funniest thing of all time.  I cant believe I caught this.  It was a good laugh to be a part of.  

The Olive-Jedi fan club.

After everyone left, we started cleaning up and Olive wanted to wade in the empty drink bucket, naked.  Not sure why..  I assume she gets this from her mother.

She never got a whole toe in.  It was too cold.

So she just stared at her cake for a while, and snuck bites while we werent looking.
She's probably saying, "does life get any better than this?"

But soon she was off to the next thing.  Which was finding out 
how many ice cubes fit into a light saber..

The answer is 27.

Kid brilliance #1,242:  Lightsabers with ice in them can also be used to water plants.
So proud of this.  ;)

The bro's.  Very glad Jason came along and helped with everything.

As you can see, Rebecca was bummed there was so much left over Margarita mix.  

I was too.  ;)

Started to open a few gifts.  Grandma Rachel got Olive a new twirly dress (the only way to judge a dress now is how 'twirly' it is) and she got her first pair of plastic princess high heels.

(Move over Star Wars, here comes the Princess obsession..)

Uncle J got her a very cool Boba Fett / Bounty hunter book.  She was intrigued.

While she was distracted, Jason put on a Darth mask (that we brought out from our 4th of July trip to Chicago).  Cant believe I caught this moment..  She flinched big time.  
But soon realized it was just Uncle Jason.

And soon we were all laughing again.  ;) 

So we packed it all up and headed home.  All exhausted and excited at the same time.  Olive passed out early as did mom and dad.  Monday morning would be here soon..  But oh what a weekend! 

May the force be with you and thank you all for making it such a fun and wonderful day!