Sunday, April 4, 2010

day 2 newport beach

Up early and having a laugh at little Olive in this massive bed.

Soon she was up and we couldnt resist having a nice 'lie in' with her.

She was so happy this Sunday morning and I found this photo to be similar one of Rebecca's childhood photos.. Like mother, like daughter.. You be the judge:

We felt bad that we didnt have any Easter Rabbit goodies, but Olive didnt seem to mind much.

So we packed up our things and went for a walk around the 'grounds'. This was a giant sun sculpture that overlooked the pool. Looking interesting to me.. Olive was more interested in the water.

Its just too bad Olive was in such a cruddy mood this Easter sunday, huh?

The hotel was right on the water, with a small boardwalk seperating the two. Olive and Mommy just kicked back and watched the walkers and bikers do their thing.

Turns out this hotel is known for their annual Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, no one told us, so by the time we stumbled upon it, all the decorations, except for this egg, were packed up for next year..

After our morning stroll we drove down to a popular little spot in Newport, called Balboa island. We met up with the gang, who gave us a great tour of the shops and sites.

What a great Easter Sunday. Hanging with friends and babies with a round of Bloody Maries ordered and on the way..

Plenty of artsy shops, and overpriced everythings. But lot of interesting, unique stuff though. Here is my attempt at 'artsy' with the illusion that Rebecca just bought this Olive product at this Olive Oil store.. Im soooooo creative, huh??

Well, after a great breakfast, and a beautiful morning, it was time to pack our things and go. Thanks Ramsey, Cyndi, and Ryder for another great weekend on the water. We've certainly got some great tattoos to remember it all..!


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bunny ears and sandy bums..

So we grabbed our bunny ears and hopped our way down to Newport Beach. Met up with Ryder, Cyndi, & Ramsey, and were off to start our adventure..

First stop: The local farmers market where we picked up dried apricots, some crazy good pesto, and got some rippin tattoos..!

Since I like cupcakes, I got this one on my left leg.

Im so jealous.. Ramsey loves the hit show 'Frasier', so he got this killer one.

So Awesome..

Rebecca got a cute one of our cat GiGi. Awwww.. So cute.

And Cyndi got this lovely Swayze-Centaur on her right thigh. Nice colors huh? She'll be turning some heads on the beach today!

And little Ryder got the best one of all. It turned out sooooooo cute. Im not really sure I get the design, but he really seemed to want this one. So what else can you do..? Tell a 7 month old he cant have a 'Guilty of being delicious' tattoo?

No way.

As for Olive, we had a great design picked out of a kitten driving a dragster that was exploding into flames, but she was getting a little fussy, so we decided to hurry up and get to the beach..

And Grandma, if you are reading this and about to have a heart attack.. No, we did not get these tattoos.

Well, except for Ramsey.

And back from the market, tattoo-less and hungry, we came home for a quick lunch.

Ryder and Olive got caught up on old times..

And Ramsey showed us some new tickle spots.. He had Olive rolling with laughter. It was so funny and Ive kept torturing her, I mean tickling her ever since.

And as the mommies freshened up, we had a little daddy time. I love this shot.

Watering can in hand and all ready to go!

Bubble boy Ramsey skipped through the hills with his magic bubble wand. He had enchanted children and dogs running after him..

Eventually we made it down to the sand.. Now to find a spot to pitch the blanket.

Not the sunniest of days, but the ocean was mesmerizing.

We walked around a bit and checked out the tide pools.

I did my best not to fall.. Those were some very sharp and jagged rocks.

Ahhh. It was good to be on soft ground again.. Cant imagine being out here with flip flops..

So we set the kids up,

and let them have their private little moment.

But Olive kinda knew she was being watched..

Had to give Ryder a try at wearing shades.. I think the concept is lost on 8 month olds.. They just want to pull em like wishbones.

I think Olive was into Ryder, but he was kind of distracted.

She even tried her wonderfully loud 'Pterodactyl' call..

And it worked like a charm.. well, sort of.

Its hard to let these babies sit there for five minutes without hugging and kissing them.

And whats this?? Even the photographer got to be in a pic or two..? Thats great news for me.

And while the sun and surf gave us this wonderful day, we decided it was time to start packing up.

Grab the kiddos, roll up the blankets, and start heading home..

And after a lovey sunset walk through the neighborhoods,

We were home kicking back with some cervezas, mushy carrots, and local burritos..

It was so nice to come back here to relax after such a long and lovely day. (You had the feeling like you'd be sleeping well tonight)

Thank you guys for such a great time!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Olive goes to the Zoo! part 2


I got the feeling she recognized these guys from her animal books, and they held her interest only until she discovered the fence..

Although it looks like she is watching the beautiful exotic animals, she is actually going crazy trying to get her mouth on one of these fake bamboo poles. So Im deducing that she is part beaver, or she is teething again..

So we finally made it to Bunnyland!

And we were promptly given some paper bunny ears as a souvenir. Olive loved them and Mommy and Daddy couldnt resist getting out the camera for like the fiftieth time this morning..

She was having a blast and was in such a giggly mood I decided to go in for my trademarked "sloppy fart kiss".

Game, set, and match.

After a few rounds of that she was begging me to stop, and I did.

So one last 'super-Olive' photo and then it was time for the ultimate Easter experience...

The bunnies.

They had some 'Rabbit Specialists' there holding a bunny and Olive was really excited. She has been mesmerized by our cats, and always is eager to pet their soft fur. And she was anxious to get some petting time with Peter Cottontail.

She was very gentle, at first, but then grabbed a huge scruff of the little Rabbits back, and the poor little guy got fidgety. The referee sent Olive to her corner with a warning, and a new bunny was brought into the ring.

She was tentative at first,

but soon threw caution to the wind.

Say Carrots!! (Olive was flying pretty high after petting those bunnies..)

What a lovely way to end such a fun day at the zoo!

Have a happy Easter everyone!

And as we stumbled around trying to find some food, we stopped to smell the flowers and enjoy what a special day we were blessed with..