Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!

My little helper and I just wanted to say:

And to all the moms out there: Having this little one has really helped me appreciate all the work and attention that having a baby demands of you. Ive only been on the the receiving end of a parent/child relationship until now. But ten months into this lifelong process has quickly changed my perspective.

I simply cannot imagine raising a child by yourself, or having twins, or just having kids without the technology of: 'wipes', disposable diapers, powdered organic formula, and bimbo seats.

AND bouncey chairs, remote video monitors, digital thermometers, the internet, sippy cups, plastic milk bottles, baby food steamer/blenders, A&D diaper rash ointment, car seats, Bumble Bee Baby strollers, little plastic monkeys, and nannies.

AND pack n plays, mobile phones, flip videos, GPS systems, credit cards, little plastic containers, these new diaper buckets that lock the odor in, portable diaper mats, welding masks, fire extinguishers, Hasmat suits, 911, etc etc

Not that I have any complaints.. Olive has been a gem. And to all the mom's that have the colicky babies, the toothachers, the grouchy irritable types, my hats off to you. I know your sleep and relaxation is the very last thing on the list of your priorities, and every day it falls impossibly further down that list.

And any non-parents out there, until you sit up a couple nights with your own feverish/teething/upset baby, crying and in pain, but unable to verbalize just where or what is bothering her.. And your slowly trying to rock this squirming bundle of nerves to sleep, and you finally get to those long slow blinks, and possibly sleepland, all while your fighting every urge to fall asleep yourself, and you finally deliver her to the sandman... And as you get up from the rocking chair to take her to the crib:

a)the rattle falls off of your lap onto the ground to startle the child awake, or

b) the damn cat walks in and meows and wakes the child up again, or

c) in a moment of mental exhaustion, you forget about the floorboard three steps into your victory walk, and with that creak, you cry, as you look down only to see those babies eyes open, and reset this whole enduring process..

Well until that happens, repeatedly, you cant fathom even a fraction of the exhaustion that every mom deals with every day of that childs existence.

But on the flipside, you also cant fathom all the wonderful joys, surprises, and highs that come along with it too.

But I hope someday you will, as just being around it as a father has been absolutely incredible.

Happy Mums day everyone! Even if you missed the day, give her a call or card and tell her thank you for all those nights in rocking chairs, all those hugs, and all that love she gave you over the years. And if you dont remember any of those moments, just ask her, and Im sure you will hear some amazing stories that make you love her even more.

Love you moms!

erik K