Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Auntie Lindsay swung by today to say hello to Miss Olive..

More captions to come.. I just wanted to post these great pics!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Irene, Chuck, and Olive.

Some days, Olive is up super early, so I try and take her and let Rebecca get some extra Z's.

But the day waits for no one, and soon we are off to the races..

Diapers, feedings, dishes and trash.. They pile up so quickly.

And speaking of, its still amazing how much lint and crud we still are finding between toes, fingers, and other folds..

I think she is beginning to like the 'pampering'.


After a good soak in tub, Olive likes nothing more than kicking back in her favorite chair and checking out the game..

Some old friends of the Chaires's, Irene and Chuck stopped by to see the latest edition. Here Chuck looks at a dance picture of Olives Grandparents: Rachel and George.

(Irene and Chuck were at that dance.)

Amazing, huh?

Later that afternoon, Olive started looking so 'philosophical'.

and happy...

But Id be pretty darn happy getting this much love and attention too.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mike, Craig, and the ABC's.

It was going to be a busy Sunday as Rebecca was hosting a birthday brunch celebration for Ray, Rachel, and Rebecca. (I was prebooked with the Dodgers v Cubs game that afternoon).

Cub fan, Bud man, NIU alum and good friend, Craig stopped by to pick us up for the game. (and to say hi to the lovely Olive).

Uncle Mike swung by as well. He is a Brewers fan but likes to join the 'Cub crew' and taunt us..

I should also point out the wonderful alphabet stickers Rebecca found online. They really turned out nice on Olive's wall, dont you think?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Barb and TR, part II

You'd think if we had TR over for lunch, we would be having ham...

But we had a wonderful Caesar salad..

Its always laughs and smiles reminiscing the good times (and conspiring new ones) with Barb and TR.

Time to eat!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hangin with mom.

Just a nice day to hang out on the couch with mom and watch some Lifetime movies.. Thought Id share a few snaps of the moment..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another day, another baby.

Today Rebecca and Olive went over to meet May Penelope, the daughter of Rachel. I think May is a month older than Olive, and there is no doubt that she is super cute.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Olive Manwich.

Today Mylissa and Fee brought their two babies over to the house for a play date. As you can see, Olive was just thrilled to have Theo and Luca as guests.

Theo had to meet up with some of his mates at the pub, so Olive, Luca, and 'moms' did their tummy time exercises and had a nice cool down in the living room.

Lucky I was in the room, as our little lad Luca tried busting a move here..

Uh, I think you guys are a little too young for holding hands..

But nice try Luca, nice try.

And just like that, the day was over. Time for pj's and some more pictures..


Monday, August 17, 2009

Olive, Alix, Bonnie, and PJ.

Now that Olive is getting a bit bigger, she can start fitting into some of her new clothes. I love this purple look. Unfortunately, at the rate she is growing, it has a shelf life of 3 hours..

Glad I got a picture of it though.

Known to Rebecca as her 'little lamb', Alix and her boyfriend Shawn stopped by while biking to Canada or something (they were on a 22 mile ride that day!).

Rebecca used to babysit Alix when she was five, so it was pretty surreal for her to watch this moment.

In Olive's room, we have one of Alix's baby toys, a little rocking lamb, which will be making its blog debut soon Im sure.

One of Olive's biggest fans (and Alix's mom), Bonnie, also stopped by.

And after a busy day in the back yard, it was pajama time.

Good night Olive..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Burps, smiles, and happy dad..

Yeah, this is weird to say, but its true..

One of my favorite times to be around Olive is her 'burp time'.

After a good 20 minute feed, she becomes this little, hunched over 'happy drunk', and her head is all rolling around, her eyes half lidded, and she wears the cutest smirk on her face hidden under the slightest milk moustache.

And we pick her up and sit her on our lap, and before the first tap on her back, she is leaning forward, opening her mouth, ready to let one fly..

Often, we dont even get the first pat in, before this little Olive goes


(Sometimes the noise even surprises her..)

She will sit there stunned for minute, kind of relieved, and then -

- its off to slumberland.

But you usually can get some great smiles out of her.. Rebecca already has the touch.

These are my best times to catch her smiling and cooing and doing all the cutesy stuff.

Olive is really connecting with mommy and its pretty magical to watch..

As for daddy, well thats a different story..

Im guessing Olive is freaking out over my interesting outfit.. But trust me Olive, they can get crazier than purple pajamas and red shirts.. Im sure you will find out about my crazy wardrobe soon enough. (the foam banana, the lederhosen, the sombreros..)

Well, although Olive is not too happy in these photos, her daddy is.

Maybe one of these times we'll get one where we're both smiling.. Thats my goal. Until then, anybody know where I can find a Stormtrooper outfit? or one of those Mr. Furley jackets he always wore on 'threes company'?

Hey Olive.. Why the strange face?