Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009!

So what lies ahead for a young family's attempt at their first Halloween..?
(Cue creepy haunted spooky sounds here.)


Well Ill tell you all about it in todays post. But first, apologies for the long delay between posts, Ive been kinda busy with some stuff recently. But lets stop with the banter and get right to the good stuff!

So we had to prepare for the big day.. We had a wonderful halloween outfit that we had been saving for this special occasion, but a diaper explosion quickly changed those plans. So we decided to just go with as many stripes on Olive as possible, and off we went!

Our first pumpkin patch!

Now I know growing up in Idaho, there was no such thing, because we all basically had pumpkins in our gardens. But out here in LA, well thats a different story.

And although the parents were extremely excited, Olive wasnt sure what to think of all these giant-orange-globey-thingies..

But she saw that it was important to us, so she went along with it.

Olive, you're awesome.


This pumpkin patch was pretty picked over by the time we got there. But we horded the remaining Jack-o-lanterns and did what we could. Unfortunately, any illusion of us being out on a farm is lost by the 360 degrees of 'mall parking lot' that surrounded us.. I wonder if that makes us out to be hypocrites of some sort..

Olive that was kind of a rhetorical question.. Dont think to hard on it, ok?

I have to say it again..


Arent my ladies lovely?

And of course, the photographer had to get in on the action.

And after buying some pumpkins and last minute bags of candy, both of which will probably sit in our house for months, we ran home and got changed for Olive's first Halloween!

Any guesses? Bet a lot of you think
Im going as a martini glass or something..

Maybe Popeye..?

Well I bet none of you guessed this!:


Mrs. Queen Boo-Bee, Mr. Magic Mushroom, and introducing 'Olive the Garden Gnome'.

How many babies can grow a beard at 3 1/2 months?

Ours can!

The dynamic duo!

We loved the idea of a Garden Gnome and were trying to think of costumes that would go well with the idea. But bird baths and plastic pink flamingos proved kinda difficult to translate to costume form, so Bees and Toadstools it was.

Super Grandma Rachel was kind enough to come over and take these fantastic photos of us. She also helped tailor the gnome costume to fit Olive's miniscule proportions. Thank you Rachel, you are the best!

And off we went to the Grieve's Halloween party. I have more pix to post from that, but right now just wanted to be self centered and show just our family..

Hey what do you expect from a mushroom?

The proportions in this shot are pretty spot on..

And here is the lovely lady and our precious bearded baby.

Cant figure out what made her happiest, getting a well deserved milk break, or getting to take off that hot sweaty beard.

But then...

As the rest of the kids went off into the night, we attempted going to another party, but Olive started whimpering and moaning. Of course now we hit every red light in town, and by the time we pulled up in front of the party house, little Olive just erupted.

She was burning up in her costume, she was hungry, and tired, and probably had a full diaper as well. Rebecca and I were a little 'frayed', but to our credit we did not utter any four letter words.

We shouted them.

No, but seriously, we did not say any bad, angry things, at least not out loud, we just gritted our teeth, channeled some of that Lamaze breathing techniques we had learned, and got through it.

So we quickly pulled over, Mrs. Awesome mom queen boo-bee did her thing, and our little green incredible hulk-gnome turned back into a lovely Smurfette.

So we ran home, hit the couch and passed out.

(passed out some candy, and literally the three of us 'passed out').

The end.

Happy Halloween everyone, and more posts soon. Thanks for your patience..!

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