Monday, January 4, 2010

Olive goes to the Park (with Lucy)

What?! Has it been two months...? (It seems like Halloween was yesterday)

Well have no fear. Dad has not lost his enthusiasm for his little girl.. Just that he has been busy playing with her, going on walks, taking thousands of photos, and switching computers, and blah blah blah.

The important thing is Olive is doing wonderfully. Her parents fall even more madly in love with her everyday, and I plan on backlogging all the wonderful adventures and moments we have had in the next couple weeks. So please, stay tuned. In the meantime:

Lets go!

I had the day off, so I tagged along with Lucy, our wonderful new nanny.

She joined us about four weeks ago and she is a godsend. She has a couple of kids of her own and she teaches Olive, Rebecca, and myself so much. And today, she took us to the local park!

Olive absolutely loves the park. She already has some local friends that she gets to visit with (Annabelle, who I just missed today, and a boy, by the name of Logan). Anyways, Lucy has been telling me how excited she is to watch the children playing and running, and she really did light up when we got there.

Olive is getting very used to Mr. Blacknose (thats what I call myself when Im snapping pictures), and she just flashes that smile. Video, cel phone, digitial camera.. heck you pull out the garage door opener and hold it up to your head and she starts smiling. Its a site to see.

I think Olive needs a cowboy hat for this one..

Olive was watching this little girl whoosh down the slide, so she wanted a go.

Time for a little break in the shade..

Olive is constantly making new friends. This little girl is often there with her Grandma, and Lucy and her (and other regulars) get to catch up.

Is this a happy girl or what?

Thanks for your patience everyone.. More to come, and happy new year to all!!


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