Friday, April 2, 2010

Olive goes to the Zoo! part 2


I got the feeling she recognized these guys from her animal books, and they held her interest only until she discovered the fence..

Although it looks like she is watching the beautiful exotic animals, she is actually going crazy trying to get her mouth on one of these fake bamboo poles. So Im deducing that she is part beaver, or she is teething again..

So we finally made it to Bunnyland!

And we were promptly given some paper bunny ears as a souvenir. Olive loved them and Mommy and Daddy couldnt resist getting out the camera for like the fiftieth time this morning..

She was having a blast and was in such a giggly mood I decided to go in for my trademarked "sloppy fart kiss".

Game, set, and match.

After a few rounds of that she was begging me to stop, and I did.

So one last 'super-Olive' photo and then it was time for the ultimate Easter experience...

The bunnies.

They had some 'Rabbit Specialists' there holding a bunny and Olive was really excited. She has been mesmerized by our cats, and always is eager to pet their soft fur. And she was anxious to get some petting time with Peter Cottontail.

She was very gentle, at first, but then grabbed a huge scruff of the little Rabbits back, and the poor little guy got fidgety. The referee sent Olive to her corner with a warning, and a new bunny was brought into the ring.

She was tentative at first,

but soon threw caution to the wind.

Say Carrots!! (Olive was flying pretty high after petting those bunnies..)

What a lovely way to end such a fun day at the zoo!

Have a happy Easter everyone!

And as we stumbled around trying to find some food, we stopped to smell the flowers and enjoy what a special day we were blessed with..

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