Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chicago Xmas 2010 day 1

Charged the camera, fed the cats, and packed winter clothes as its off to Grandma's house we go!

So goodbye to rainy LA and sorry Capri, you cant come with us to Chicago.. But if you and Gigi are good, Ill bring you back a Santa Surprise..!

Call us lazy, call us smart, but we decided to avoid the LA traffic and hire a stretch limo. Thank god we did as we had so many bags we would have needed a Uhaul truck. Little O was so impressed she only poured three handfuls of Cheerios on the floor.

Mommy and Grandma rolling in style..

We were pretty excited to leave rainstorms and head to a snowy wonderland..!

Had the usual delays at LAX security, but eventually got to the plane, which left the gate on time..! (Only to stop and sit on the tarmac for an hour).

(But we were still excited).

We came prepared with crackers, books, buckle buddies, apples, ipads, Elmo and a tranquilizer gun.

We soon were on our way, with Olive making lots of friends with her smiles and good cheer.

Soon we were in a beautifully decorated Ohare airport, but the greatest view was seeing Grandma waiting for us at the baggage claim.

Im not sure who was the happier, so Ill let you decide..

Let the Christmas vacation begin!!

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