Thursday, October 14, 2010

Drum Circle with Rhythm Child!

Every week Lucy has taken Olive to the local 'Americana' (a fancy outdoor mall) where they have weekly kids events. Bands, performers, and other interactive activities. She knows my interests with puppets, and gives me notes on what interests kids, and what doesnt.

She had mentioned how engaged Olive was with this one artist called 'Rhthym Child'. So I decided to join them today. How one man can control a group of fifty kids, all with a drum in front of them, I dont know. But he did. He was incredibly good. I was blown away watching him get all these kids entranced with music. It was a sensational.

Even more impressive was seeing how eager and attentive Olive was. She was literally at the edge of her seat, waiting to drum along.

She was bopping up and down, yelling along and having a great time.

After a while her little legs got tired but she still wanted to play along.

I was so impressed with the education and exposure Lucy shares with Olive. Every week they are doing new activities and you can see how Olive has been soaking it all in.

After 20 minutes of jamming, Olive was getting a bit overloaded, so we stepped to the lawn and relaxed a bit.

Olive soon picked herself up and stumbled around. I grabbed her hand and we walked around looking at flowers and butterflies. Soon we started dancing together. as I held her hand, she would totter around my legs and we danced in loopy circles. It was such a happy time for me, and Lucy took some wonderful video Ill cherish forever. What a great morning!! Thank you Lucy! Thank you Olive!!

Soon it was lunch time so Olive parked next to the giant water fountains they have at the Americana.

After all that dancing and drumming, Id be thirsty too.

What part of this girl is not completely adorable??

I just let my camera wander a bit, just taking in the little trappings of having a baby..

Moments like this and you remember what its like to see things for the first time..

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