Sunday, October 3, 2010


Los Angeles is full of performers. And you have endless shows, concerts, recitals and expositions to enjoy. The local paper had a write up on this guy and I knew I had to check it out.

It was an all ages show, so I dragged Rebecca and Olive along. We got there a bit early so we stopped for a coke.

Uncle Jason joined us..! Turns out Jason knows Adam-O through his work at the LA youth hostiles (Adam does weekly tours around Hollywood).

The write up in the paper kind of described Adam-O as a Pee Wee Herman meets Tony Clifton type character. He has been performing a monthly kids show full of original characters and homemade props, and when I walked in, I loved what I saw.

They also have a cereal bar, where there is a two bowl minimum for all patrons. What a genius!

The show was quite bold and in your face. Olive got a little overwhelmed but Jason and I laughed along. (Rebecca and Olive walked around backstage).

The show pulls volunteers (kids) up from the audience to play along.

The show closed with a big musical number and Adam-O stole the show.

It was fun meeting him and we talked about including puppets in his future shows. So we'll see what happens.. Regardless, Adam-O is a really unique guy and I think we'll be hearing more from his zany unique mind.

And from one entertainer to another, we came across this MJ mural. Olive certainly got her fill of artists today.

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