Monday, July 4, 2011

Chicago 4th of July day 3

Lets Go!! Olive was up and ready to party. She grabbed her little mouse-robot-toy-thingie and played with that for a while. But soon we were drawn back to the pool.

Rebecca and I started to notice how dark O's arms and legs were getting. We were baffled because we've been coating this little girl with 70 plus suntan lotion. hmmm. Well three coats of the stuff later, we hit up the pool.

Bathing beauties. Part I

Its been a blast enjoying all the laughs and smiles between these two.

Olive is becoming a mimicry mastermind. Its pretty hilarious. First she studies what your doing..

Then she positions herself..

One last glance to make sure she has it right..

And before you know it.. She has you down!

She was sooo funny! Mom and I were cracking up!

And then, quite randomly, Olive started telling us about the fireworks that go up in the sky.

Pop! Pop! Bang! Bang!

She had her little chair and drink waiting for her. Nothing else for her to do but sit down and kick back.

Bathing beauties. Part II

After a good morning swim, we decided to cool off inside.

Olive showed me how to relax..

She loves that rocking chair..!

Then she left to grab her harmonica and shades.

She sauntered down and played us some Chicago blues. It was pretty funny (although I noticed the cat and dog didnt think so. They ran from the room).

Soon some friends showed up for a great 'last day' send off.

Olive took a liking to having college boys around.

Say cheese!

Mom and one of her best friends Tim, who is a hilarious storyteller and became a grandpa this weekend! Congrats to you both!

And before you knew it, we were packed and dashing off to the airport. Olive was exhausted yet still buzzing with excitement.

After we made it through security, we celebrated with an ice cream cone..

and a bunch of napkins.

Fastened some seat belts, stowed away our belongings, and whoosh! We were off into the air.

Olive bounced, jumped, kicked, and bopped almost the entire flight. Only during the last 15 minutes did she finally close her eyes and pass out, exhausted.

So the three of us drove home, through the exploding streets of LA (it was 4th of July). It was a perfect celebratory ending to a wonderful weekend. Thank you all for sharing it with us and we look forward to our next adventure soon!

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