Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chicago 4th of July day 1

July 1st. 4:45 pm Los Angeles.

It was a super busy day. My storyboard was due. I finished it and rushed over to Sony where Rebecca, Olive and Lucy (the super-nanny) were waiting. Threw the bags in the car and its off to LAX!

Now the next photo is us on the plane.. However, there were some minor catastrophes that happened inbetween. Basically, we arrive at LAX, go to the check in counter, and its then I realized I left my ID in the car back at Sony. (I had to give it to the parking guard at Sony and never put it back). So after an extended security check on me, I was allowed to board the plane.

But that left poor Rebecca to brave the LAX security lines with all our carry ons AND a two year old, by herself! Which she did beautifully, but once we were walking down the tarmac to board the plane, she realized she left the Ipad back at the security check. So I ran back and the Ipad was gone.

I spoke with TSA security and the LAPD but my flight was leaving and we had to leave. It must have been stolen. Rebecca and I meet back on the tarmac and suddenly get very supersticious. Me missing a drivers license? and now the Ipad getting stolen? this is a sign. Maybe we shouldnt be on this flight..

But calmer minds prevailed and we decided to just push through the stress. Found our seats and got Olive all buckled in. Take a deep breath and quickly order a couple drinks to calm our nerves.

The flight itself was pretty good. And we had the sympathies of the flight staff and our seat neighbors. Unfortunately Rebecca's bad luck kept going as she knocked over a full vodka tonic onto her lap and spent the whole flight soaked. Then came the turbulence..

But we survived and found a happy cheery grandma Ginny waiting for us at Ohare. Olive was very excited to see her. We dashed home, brushed our teeth and went to bed.

It was 2 am.

So morning came and now, our vacation can finally begin! First day of vacations are always the best. What will we do? Where will we go?? And of course, what should we wear?

Olive had a brand new bathing suit just waiting for some fun!

The weather was cloudy but very warm. It had pool day written all over it.

Olive is looking great.

Daddy looks like a Viet Nam vet in Hawaii.. (Hopefully he will get rid of that farmers tan too).

Ker-Splash!! After a year since her last 'swim', O seemed to take right to it.

Her new thing is nose kisses. They are pretty special and I recommend you get one before they run out.

Just being out of LA and away from work made us all very happy. Let the vacation begin!

Mom had this special chair set aside for Olive, that fits her perfectly. Add a poolside cocktail service (it was apple juice on the rocks) and your all set!

The morning pool session was over and it was time for her favorite, Macaroni and cheese. She can now feed herself but it does take about three hours. But its entertaining watching her try to eat.

And of course Grandma Ginny had some gifts for Olive, including some new swimsuits and clothes. So we did a costume change and she modeled the new outfit.

Of course, one needs to 'accessorize'.

Once the photo-shoot was over, we hit pool. Olive mostly stuck by the steps but occasionally like to float about. Now dont worry, although you dont see any grownups, they are just outside the picture frame.

G-G-ma and G-G-pa came over to welcome the little Hollywood starlet.

Olive and Grandma Ginny looked for any paparazzi hiding in the bushes.

Theres one! Get him!

Nah, actually Olive kept saying "Daddy.. in the pool! Daddy in the pool!". So I listened and jumped in.

That water felt so good. We swam a bit and then Grandma Ginny blew Olive's mind by bringing out a giant bubble machine. Pools AND Bubbles??! This Chicago place is blowing my mind!!

The sun was starting to come out, and just to be safe we slathered on the goopy sunscreen. Olive tried to avoid what she could but no dice. She got slimed.

Took a little break. We had done a lot of swimming..

Soon she was pooped. And fell right asleep on G-G-ma. So cute. LeeAnn also swung by to say hello and see us.

After the nap, it was time for a diaper and outfit change. Another new outfit. This one from G-G-ma.

Back in the pool and Olive pondering why every day cant be like this..

Daddy pushing O and making waves.

After the late swim, we dried off and went over to the great-grandparents. Their house was so beautiful, with all the flowers and gardens in full bloom. G-G-ma took Olive over to the tomato plants.

And O got to pick her first Tomato.

Daddy and daughter took a nice long stroll around the back yard to the lake.

We wandered off onto the peer and watched some geese swim on by.

Mommy came down to join us. I think it was right about here that Olive really started having a blast.

The sun was out, the wind was right, so why not go and fly a kite? Daddy started it but Olive came out and grabbed the string like a pro. She flew the darn thing by herself! She's not even 2 yet!

And soon Vicki arrived, with yet another gift for Olive.. Her first 'Happy Meal'. Daddy told her they only have McDonalds in Chicago.. We'll see how long that fib will hold. But she loved the thing and her and G-G-pa scarfed down some chicken McNuggets.

G-G-pa fired up the old golf cart and took Ashley and Olive for a ride. The girls loved it!

Then Grandma joined in the fun, and boy did these pictures turn out nice. It was amazing being there and watching the smiles on everyones faces.

(no caption needed)

So Daddy, Olive, and Mommy went down to the pier to go soak up the scenery. (Ashley, thank you for taking these pictures. They really turned out nice).

Daddy explaining where the fireworks will be and how they will go Bang! Pop! Boom!


Dinner time! So we came up to the house for some delicious cooking by G-G-ma. O finished first and just sat on the steps that I once sat. I loved this moment. It makes me want to cr-

Daddy! Stopped getting all sentimental.. Ok?

And soon it was dark, which means 'fireworks' time. (their was going to be a local fireworks display shot off a barge in the middle of the bay). So we boarded the pontoon to go watch the show.

The trip out there was fun, and the fireworks were fantastic.

Olive was quite mesmerized by the whole thing. And soon the show was over and we were all whooping and clapping and honking the boat horns. It was pretty magical. That is until the engine wouldnt start.

And then, for the next hour we sat on the lake trying to flag someone down for a tow. Eventually we did find someone who was not all that excited about helping us out. But to his credit he did.

All I can tell you is it was an interesting, heated time out on Pistakee Bay, out in the darkness, with your family, and with swear words. I now understand why mutinies happen. I cant possibly do the moment justice, but if you ever come across one of us who were on the boat that night, we will tell you a tale.

Good news is, as tense and terse as it all got. We were soon back home eating ice cream, laughing our asses off about the adventure.

Olive stayed up for a bit, but then got up, walked to the middle of the room and said "Im going to bed".

I kid you not.

She walked out and to the bedroom, crawled onto the mattress, and sacked out. How amazing is that? She's weird like that. But then again, you know how much I appreciatte 'weird'.

And to cap off a long first day of vacation, we all lit sparklers and became kids on the patio once again.

Cant wait for day 2!

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