Sunday, February 14, 2010

Swingin on Valentines day..

Yeeee Haaaa!!!! Olive enjoys some big air with her new back yard swing.

I think Kevin gets his touch from all that tennis he plays.

Uncle Jason stopped by as well as Uncle Ray, Uncle Mike, Grandma Rachel, and Uncle Kev and Aunt Catherine..

Olive is really starting to connect with you when you are around her. She gazes into your eyes and draws you near, and then does that tongue thing and spits all over your face.


While Jason toweled off, it was Catherine's turn!

Olive puts in her order for a White Russian on the rocks.

Kevin reacts appropriately.

Kevin asks for some I.D.

But then just tickles her instead. (a classic Uncle move that works every time..)

Two happy ladies..!

Ok, time to get back in the swing of things..

The afternoon was just beautiful and it was just right for lounging in the back yard for a pic nic.

And inbetween the laughter and action, Aunt Catherine and Olive have a little moment of their own.

BBBBBBBbbbbbbbrrrrrahhhhhhhaaaaabbbbbbbbbb!!!!! (Ha ha Catherine, you got sprayed.. Jason, hand her the towel)

Kev getting the hang of things. Id say he's got it down.

More Uncle time means more smiles..

Speaking of Uncles, Jason got in for another round of Olives.

She loved hanging with the family today..

Showing off her two front teeth that just arrived.

Thanks everyone for joining us and especially Ray. (Olive loves having her uncles around and we already are looking forward to the next backyard 'reunion'). Hope the worst is behind you Ray, and health and happiness are just ahead!

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