Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vamos a la playa!

Been stormy in LA, but the sun came out and we decided to head south to Newport Beach and visit Olive's boyfriend, Ryder.

But we are quite traditional and insisted that his parents, Cyndi and Ramsey, help chaperone the date.

Olive (now 7 months) is about a month older, but we are often asked if they are twins. They get along so well, and they both seem really into each other.

(I think Olive is hoping her dad will put away his camera and stop embarrassing her on her play date.)

Sorry Olive, you guys are under constant surveillance.

Because if I look away for one second, their hands are all over each other.

By the way.. Ryder, where exactly is your hand right now?

So to cool those two off, they took us to their favorite little spot called the Beachcomber. And as we waited for our table, Rebecca served up some carrots and turkey to Olive. (turkey is Olive's newest food).

And as we ordered our food, Olive started chewing on her doll.

And Ryder kept close watch on his lady.

Probably because Olive just turned into a cab driver from Jersey.

"Hey toots, can I get my muddah another round ovah here?"

"Geeze, da nerve of sum peeples.. Wots a guy gotta do ta buy his ma a drink?"

"Whatta ya mean no?"

"Oh. It looks like muddah has gotta drink, an she's drinkin it like a fish!"

"I think we gotta git outta here.."

"Check please!"

"Ha Ha Ha"

So after a LOVELY lunch, the sun came out and we decided to go for a walk on the beach.

It was just beautiful outside, with a cool sea breeze and all the great surf sounds that go with it.

Once again, Ive noticed there is just something so calming and stress free about being so near the Ocean.

Seems like a perfect time for a piggy back ride!

I think she likes it..

Being tall is AWESOME!!!

She just LOVED being up on my shoulders and we were giggling the whole time. (But after a while, daddy got a little tired, and started wheezing so he gave her back to mommy..

And Olive wasted no time trying to catch Ryder's eye..

And after a while, it was time for a nap, and with the wind blowing, we didnt want her to get cold, so we bundled her in the Bjorn. (hope she's ok in there..)

Snuggly and warm..!

We actually walked all the way down to that far stretch of land. When we got there, the kids were having a ball, but the parents were tired and needed some drinks.. So with moaning calves we started our return.

Once back in the neighborhood, we grabbed some coffee, hit up a great little playground and jumped on the swings.. (all those pics were blurry) And on the way back we swung by this guy's incredible front lawn, where its been transformed into a giant train set.

And then Ryder and Olive said their teary goodbyes and we came back to LA.

Such a lovely day with great friends. Thanks guys!!

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