Saturday, February 13, 2010


So what started as a little needle point piercing through her lower gum, has now become two full on baby teeth.

All within the last 10 days! To Olive's credit, she was pretty happy during the process, although her toys got chewed on 24-7.

I would have taken pictures and posted sooner, but those teeth were so small and Olive so squirmy that it just wasnt going to happen.

But now that they are in, and a third one up top is on the way, O has been much happier. And so have the parents (and all of her well chewed toys).

She has been an absolute joy, and is getting happier by the day. We have slowly been introducing new mushy foods to her.. Carrots, peas, jalapenos, chicken, and turkey.

And no, we did not attempt to feed our baby jalapenos (although Im sure the Albuquerque in her would have loved it. :)

As evidenced by these photos, she is extremely inquisitive and playful, even with a big empty table in front of her.

She has been growing by the day, and we are looking forward to having family over for a nice Valentines day BBQ tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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