Friday, July 16, 2010

Last day in Idaho..

How quickly a week goes by. Today we were up early and making our way back to LA. But first a morning breakfast with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and Aunt.

I was a bit groggy from my reunion the night before, however Olive was very focused on the Saltine wrappers Grandma had given her. So serious..

Oops, I spoke to soon. (I forgot the characters that were sitting at this table).

Uncle Justin and Aunt Bethany were wonderful with Olive. Thank you guys for inviting us to your special day!

And a couple hours later we arrived at Spokane international. Daddy almost got a speeding ticket but this very gruff officer decided to give us a warning. I was shocked, but very thankful.

Maybe the officer took a look into these brown eyes and decided to give us a break.. Fortunately we made our flight and had a lovely trip back home.

Back in Burbank, Olive had to text her friends and tell them about the trip. And how embarrassed she was that her mom was wearing a funky 'hunters safety' hat.

But it made it all the easier for Grandma Rachel to find us on the curb. :)

Great trip.

Thanks everyone for all the fun!!

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