Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Bday/Wedding!

Day 2 in Idaho and we were up early to celebrate Olives birthday. Although we had the big party some weeks ago, we still celebrated with a little game of 'Hide and Seek' (Olives new favorite).

Peek a Boo!!

While heading back to our room, we met up with Aunt Mary, Aunt Barb, Cousin Jeanette and her son Robert. Mary was first to the draw and grabbed O. We had a few minutes and soon were rushing off to the wedding.


At this time, I dont have any photos of the actual ceremony because Rebecca, Olive, and myself were all 'in' the wedding. I was best man, Rebecca a bridesmaid, and Olive the little flower girl.

The ceremony was beautiful, and immediately after, we drove the giddy bride and groom to the reception in the hills..

And by 'hills' I should say 'mountains', because we are in Idaho now.

After driving some miles out of town, off on some gravel road, we arrived at this incredible castle where our reception will be held. Wow.

Picture time for the Kuska clan. We our missing Justin of course, but we were able to get some great ones with him later on.

Our little flower girl was a hit and was having lots of fun today. I have a feeling she thought this whole party was for her birthday.. Which means we'll have a lot of explaining to do when she's older.. but for now, no worries. (except that I hope she does not expect this every year).

Mommy and her birthday girl.

Say trees!

Uncle John and Joan were great with Olive. Joan took care of Olive during the whole ceremony. Thanks Joan!

Justin was all smiles that day. And Olive was partying hard, but eventually passed out in Cathy's arms. So when it was time for the Mother/Son dance, the three of them went up, sleeping Olive in the middle. It was pretty special

Being back in Idaho was great, especially in seeing old friends like the O'Connells. Angela and Rebecca caught up over dessert.

I love this picture. The O'Connells have been such a big part of our lives and Im looking forward to many more of these good times to come..!

And at the end of the day, we had a very happy, tired, and thirsty little girl. She was so good through out it all.

What a day to remember..

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