Monday, July 12, 2010

Idaho day 4

Got a good nights sleep and all of the goodies packed for 4 days in the Northern Idaho wilderness. But first, had to take Olive to her Daddy's favorite Moscow foodstop; TacoTime.

I cant explain it, nor can I 'nutritionally' defend it, but I could eat from their menu all day long..

And this is where Olive got her first taste of non-organic, deep fried, good ol' American fast food.

I think she liked it, but Ive seen her eat dirt as well, so Im not sure what to take from that.

So we filled up the tank, and hopped on the road, and headed north. Through rolling green and gold farm fields, past red barns, farmhouses, truck stops and indian reservations, all selling beef jerky, fireworks, and fishbait.

Now thats Idaho.

After 3 and a half hours the interstate dissappeared, and the asphalt soon was gravel. Winding along river banks, dwarfed by pines, we started questioning if we were lost..

But soon little signs of civilization popped up. We were on the outskirts of Priest River, a small rural little logging town. It was comforting to see the odd pick up truck or farmhouse go by. And soon we arrived at the water and started to notice some decorating flourishes of the natives..

I love the absurdity of this photo.. I could go on with a story about this manly tree, wind in his needles, just cruising the yard looking for a good time..

Only in Idaho, yeah?

And trust me, there were more customized mailboxes that were giant fish, a grizzly bear, etc..

But soon we found our adorable little lake cabin. It was such a beautiful little house nestled under some gorgeous trees.. And this angle does not do the property any justice. Hidden behind those trees is a treehouse, a trampoline, hot tub and deck, firepits and plenty of places to relax and unwind.

This is a much better shot of the front that faced the water.

We hopped out to stretch our legs, unpack some bags and take in the incredible surroundings. But we were starving and needed provisions, so off to Priest River we go.

After the grocery run, we ran Jason to the gas station for a fishing license. We had a laugh that Rebecca's credit is in question up here.

And here is my lovely wife sporting the latest in hunters attire: yellow lensed bifocals. Coming to a rural bookclub near you!

And while she perused the fashion section, I was surprised to see the bag of frogs hanging in the fishbait section next to the bag of dead crickets, worms, grubs, maggots, and other fish delicacies.. Yum-my!

So all the work done, it was time to get this party started. Jason fired up the grill, I fixed a cold one and Rebecca got Olive ready for her first hottub.

Olive loves water, and swimming pools and for the most part loved this. The jets blasting kind of freaked her out a bit, but once she saw the control panel, she was into it.

Mom! Your interrupting all the fun!

And fun we had. Olive went on a splashing spree and Uncle Jason loved every last drop of it.

Uncle John provided simultaneous swimming AND soccer lessons..

And then it was dinner time. Jason, master BBQer, fired up the grill and started dinner.

It was a busy travel day that ended with a peaceful quiet incredible sunset. Jason and dad tried some twilight fishing, and the rest of us bundled up for a fun evening of BBQ, beers, and bonfire. Good fun, not a lot of mosquitos, and we were all zonked by 11pm.

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