Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Idaho day 6

Waking up in a tent is a magical experience.. Youre a bit alarmed, sore, confused, and enchanted all at once. It makes you feel like a kid again too.

Rebecca and I were up early as we wanted to catch Olives expression when she tried to figure this one out.. We were both pretty giddy about it.. (Can you imagine what we'll be like for christmas?)

When Olive woke up, she was a bit thrown, but seemed more interested in her bottle than anything else. So I went back to sleep. Until..

..we started hearing these strange animals outside of the tent. Moaning and yelping, occasionally their furry shadows would glide over the tent walls. You could hear them sniffing and panting, and they were almost as curious as Olive was..

She was actually laughing at them, and was having fun trying to crawl around and get a glimpse at these wild beasts..

Eventually we caught sight of one..

Happy and giggling, Olive tries to make contact with the wild and savage wolverine.

Well c'mon.. What do you expect me to say..? We were camping in the back yard so I have to play it up somehow..

So we hobbled out of our tent and into the kitchen for a lovely breakfast and some hot showers. Rebecca checked emails and I read the paper.

If only all camping could be convenient, right?

And as this July day heated up, we decided to get a move on. So we headed outside to go meet the horses.

Dad has local students out to ride horses now and then. Today we met, Lisa(?), a very nice girl who was about to leave on an afternoon ride.

So it was perfect time for Olive to meet Toby.

At first, Olive was a bit shy, but what little girl could resist petting a pony?

And before you knew it she was up in the saddle and ready to ride. Is this a glimpse at the birth of a cowgirl?

After horsing around, we drove into Moscow to hang out with our good friends the O'Connells. It was a blazing hot afternoon and sitting poolside was perfection.. (well, some cocktails would have been nice).

Miranda, Olive, and I went off to explore the kiddie pool. I actually was pretty scared as kids and balls whipped by us everywhere. Spashing and kicking and cannonballing. Olive was dumbfounded at all these kids and laughter going on in one place. She must have thought this was the party of all parties..!

But all good parties have to end, so we gathered for one last shot and got ready for dinner. Thanks Riley, Miranda, and Pat. We had a great time (and sorry about the towel accident). :)

So we checked into this incredible house (see later post) and I was off to my 20th highschool reunion. It was bizarre to be walking up to this building that housed so many memories for me. But as soon as I entered those doors, and saw so many old, dear friends, it just became a lot of fun.

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