Thursday, July 15, 2010

House barn and puppets..

With our last weekend in Moscow, we decided to spend the night at a local little treasure, the house barn. We met the owner and her daughter, and they gave us a beautiful tour of the propery and the history of the project.

A labor of love, they have been building this house barn with all the old school techniques, meaning no nails, no steel, and no msgs. (well I dont know about that last part).

Anyways it was a beautifully restored cabin, brand new actually, but made to look like a classic. It was very cozy and very relaxing and the summer breeze through the place was perfection.

Olive wasted no time in scooching herself all the slippery hard wood. She was getting quite fast at going from room to room.

We had the whole place to ourselves, spacious and tranquil. You just wanted to lay in this bed and gaze out the window all morning.

And as soon as you stepped outside, you were invigorated by birds, butterflys and wildflowers. Little rabbits hopped along the rutted roadway and you couldnt help but sing 'Zip a dee doo dah'.

We later realized in seven nights we had slept in 5 different locations. But Olive slept well, which meant we slept well.

And with all our travels, we decided it was time to wash up a bit. And dont worry, no babies were thrown out with the bathwater.

Olive is quite the traveller, happily going with us through mountains, airports, tents and cabins. And she loves her baths. What more could we ask for?

Ok daddy.. No more pictures!!

And now it was time for the Highschool reunion picnic at the local Lena Whitmore elementary school.

Kids were tearing around and parents were hobbling after them. It was surreal to set foot on playgrounds that you once played..

And soon it was my turn to perform 'Go ask the MHS bear', a puppet show I had written that had characters visit all the local 1987 Moscow hotspots.

I wasnt sure how all these hyped up kids were going to respond to a simple puppet show, but the were fantastic! (and they laughed at all the right spots).

And with the help of my good friend Mike Morscheck, we had the kids engaged and helping out the characters. It was good fun.

Afterwords I brought monkey around for a meet and greet. Someone snapped this shot and I love it so much. It captures the feeling I get when Im doing shows like this..

Also got reacquainted with Mrs. Jones, a dear friend I had not seen in a long time. And Monkey behaved, which is good.

And after all that time in the hot sun, we met up with the newlyweds, just back from the trip to the coast, to catch up and enjoy some hot food and cool a.c.!!

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