Friday, July 9, 2010

Off to Idaho! day 1

So 11 month, 364 day old Olive, myself, and Rebecca packed our many bags for Idaho.

Only in Burbank and a select few airports do you get to walk on the tarmac to your plane.

(Olive was not that impressed).

(But daddy thought it was way cool).

After a couple nice flights, we arrive in Spokane, get our rental car, rack our brains trying to figure out how to install the new car seat, (some firefighters helped us), and we set off for Moscow.

Two hours later we finally reach the border, and you can see Moscow in the background.

Without any time to lose, we rush to the church for the rehearsals. Here Pastor John walks us through whats going to happen during the ceremony.

Justin and Bethany had it all down, even the kissing part, and soon we were heading off to a rehearsal dinner. Yum!

And hours later, the three of us crawled into our hotel room and went right to sleep.. It had been a long day but tomorrow would be even longer (and way more fun).

So not many pics today, but Im saving the goodies for tomorrow.


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