Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chicago day 4 The Tiltons!

Up early and took a nice stroll around the riverwalk.

In her own subtle way, Olive told us that it was still 'too early' to be doing such things, and that she wanted to sleep in a bit.

So we packed her in the car and drove south to Naperville.

Met up with Tim Tilton, my old college buddy, his wife Carrie, and their son Timmy jr. As we were walking along some store fronts, Timmy jr started freaking out at this window.

So we went inside.

Turns out little Timmy is bonkers about trains, and this 'Train car diner' was one of his favorite places on earth, and I could see why. Train pictures and memorabilia everywhere, tracks on the floor, models running around the ceiling, even a train that delivers your food.

But the biggest draw has to be this.

Kids can line up along these models and push buttons to operate random parts of the scene.

Its too bad Timmy jr. just couldnt get into it.

Actually, just off camera, the manager has a crowbar that parents can use to pry kids away from this thing. It is like a little boy supermagnet. Kids have been known to stay here for days on end.

(This kid in the green has actually been there for seven months!)

Fortunately, toy trains have no gravitational pull on mom's, so they went to Babys R Us and looked for breastfeeding pads.

The idea was, three couples were meeting at Tim's, to hang out for the night and catch up on good ol times. And while the parents reminisced about the old times, the kids explored in Tim Jr.'s awesome play room.

Max was in good spirits after some pizza. So good that he taught me some local Chicago gang signs.

Thanks Max!

There is supermom #1: Brooke Hoffman. Her and Mike (another college buddy of mine) have two incredible boys: Max (pictured) and Spencer.

We all told stories about parenthood and the fun times that goes with that.

Apparently Max, while at a friends house, threw a matchbox car through a flatscreen tv..


Apparently there are some trying times ahead for us...

Ahhh. My angel and the drink that helped inspire our daughters name.

Finally the kids went to bed and we had the rest of the night to get wild and crazy.. Just like the old times.

Mike started reviewing his day planner, I did my stretches and took my vitamins, and Carrie, and Tim dished up some wonderful Ice Cream sundaes. MMMMmmmmm!!

Its nice to know that my fraternity buddies and I still know how to party.

We may be moms and dads now, but we still can hold our own and party like rock stars.

-editors note:

32 seconds after this picture was taken, we all fell asleep.

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