Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grand-Potatoes! Day 2


Ok, Ok.. Ill let you sleep in a bit Olive.. Sorry.

But I have to keep snapping these.. Someday I hope you thank me..

For creepy shot of the day.. Something tells me we'll have to keep an eye on Gigi. I think he is a little jealous of all the attention Olive gets.

And after a lovely breakfast, we headed down to the Americana to do some shopping.

We ducked into a couple shops and just couldnt resist.. Sorry O. Thats what happens when you pass out and there are cameras around.

About a week ago, Olive really started responding to this one book Rebecca was reading her. Its really kind of crazy to think that at 9 weeks, she could or would respond to such things, but every time she see's this baby Einstein 'mirror' book, her arms and legs start pumping and she busts out a big ol smile.

So in hopes of recreating that, we stopped by the local bookshop to find some others..

And lookie here.. Whats this? Only books from this weeks "number one movie!" If you havent seen it yet, check it out!

Then we were off to Diego Sauya's 5th birthday, and as you can tell, this years theme was 'Star Wars' and Mr. Vader was the guest of honor. There were lots of Diegos friends there, and it was a scorcher. Id hate to be stuck in a Darth Vader costume entertaining a bunch of 5 years olds, thats for sure.

But many of us just grabbed a juice box and some shade and watched the festivities. Here are the Williams' doing just that. And we must point out, all of Olives hip and fashionable clothes are actually Brookes hand me downs. This baby, and her mommy have awesome style and we cant wait for the next batch! Thanks Brooke!

And while I was outside, photographing the party, (and melting) these guys played it smart and stayed inside playing with Olive.

We later went for dinner at our favorite restaurant 'Polka'. And quickly fell asleep. good night!

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