Sunday, September 27, 2009

grand-Potatoes! Day 3

A lovely morning to find your dad and daughter in the kitchen.

And let me just tell you, dear reader, that my dad does not smile in photos. So either there is something in that coffee, or Olive is working her magic again.

Who me?

Grandma Cathy knows all of Olives favorite spots. O wasn't sure what exactly was going on, but she certainly liked it. The amazing part this week is she is learning to smile and we're beginning to see how happy this little girl really is.

I think she gets it from her mom.. Who treated us to another fantastic little meal: The breakfast pizza!

So we changed her after breakfast and she was feeling a little shy in her new tie-die onesie. I told her it would be alright.

So we headed out West to the Gene Autry Museum and saw spurs, stagecoaches, Western art and even the Lone Ranger's costume.

Of course I was the last one out of the place, so they patiently waited for me.

So we headed home for our leftover Polka (yum) and prepared for one last family photo. And I'd say Olive was ready to model her new look:

Say Cheese!

Thanks to the Grand-Potatoes for such a lovely visit. We'll come up and visit you guys the next time around. Until then, Dad, get some high speed internet so we can video chat in the future, as I think we'll be set up for that in mid October.


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