Monday, September 7, 2009

Chicago day 2

Day 2 was here and Olive was ready to party..

Grandma was anxious to greet her little grand daughter,

while mommy and daddy were eager to taste those bloody maries.. (what is it with drinking out in Illinois..? It is like 'the' thing to do out there.)

Let the day of beach hats begin!

Everyone is happy! Yay!

Great day for a poolside BBQ, and all our friends and family from McHenry were stopping by.

Such a great shot..

Me and my marine haircut were helping Bob in the kitchen, just listening to all the grown ups cooing and cawing at Olive.

Let the party begin!

Some great laughs that afternoon, as always.

Thanks everyone..


Thats one proud grandma..!

We've been eager to take this photo for a long time: "Olive in Chicago"


After a long day, and after Olive was fast asleep, we all gathered around the computer and did our taxes.

Let me tell ya.. CPA's know how to party!

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