Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chicago day 5

Up early again. Hmmm, is this a pattern here?

Timmy jr. climbed up on the couch to say 'Hi!' to Olive and I. And it made our day.

Thanks Timmy!

And here is little Spencer. He is an angel and loves to chew spoons. So far, thats all Ive got. This kid loves to chew spoons.

Carrie and Timmy jr were off to a dancing class, or was it knife throwing..? Hmmm. I forget. Anyways, they were off to a class.

Max played mix and match, while I became jealous of his pajamas. How awesome are those..?

Like I said..


So we drove back to grandma's to spend a couple hours before our flight.

Olive was so happy to be around them again. They both had lots to laugh about.

Grandma showed me how to work her magic. She certainly has the touch.


And we couldnt leave without getting a picture with Grandpa's prized houseplant.

(oh, and that swordfish too)

Grandma gave us a tour of her art studio and her latest works.

And to end such a wonderful trip, Rebecca helped Grandma log into Facebook.


And Vicki swung by with some surprises of her own.

She had some baby pictures of Ashley and Buster, and they were identical to our little O!

She also had some of Ashley's baby clothes. And there was one item that we just couldnt resist.

Somehow I think this is one of those photos that Olive will cringe at when she is 18. But we thought it was pretty darn funny.

Four generations and counting!

We quickly packed and mom whooshed us off to Ohare.

Olive was so great on her second flight ever! It was a wonderful trip and we had a great time. Thanks everone for coming out to see us! We had a blast!

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