Thursday, September 3, 2009

Outfits and Artists

We woke up this morning and found this huge baby in the bassinette. I checked to make sure both the cats were still around.. I found them.

Guess somehow this little baby is growing!

And hungry babies want to eat.

Olive has started trying to put the whole hand in there. Im worried that we just flew by the thumbsucking stage and she is going for the whole enchilada. (is this a sign of things to come?).

Sometime after this nice tranquil photo was taken, the sound of thunder shook the house. And one obliterated diaper (and outfit) later, we have:

A new wardrobe!

Good morning Olive.. Does that feel better?

Ready for another day?

If only I could replay the sound she made when I did this.. It would melt your heart as it did mine.

So it was time for a field trip, to an artist loft in downtown LA -

where our friend and neighbor Frank Ryan, was working on his latest works. It was a fantastic space that he shares with several other artists right in the middle of the garment district.

Rebecca and I are currently on the prowl for a nice painting to put in our living room, and wanted to see his latest.

Of course Olive was distracted with mom, but we all had fun talking art over sandwiches and Jarritos and pacifiers..

So later on in the evening, she was getting restless and I could not figure how to comfort her. And then I remembered my crappy guitar playing skills and soon had my little girl rockin to an acoustic jam of bad chords and even worse singing, but she didnt seem to mind.

I was worried that she was just gonna stand up and walk out on me, just like the cats did, but she just sat and listened to the whole thing, and even cracked a smile. Thanks Olive. The rock star in me felt like a million bucks.

And then it was time for bed in Olive's new pajamas from Aunt Mary. She loves them and slept soundly, probably dreaming of the wonderfully full day she just had.

Good night Olive!

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