Sunday, September 6, 2009

Over the river and through the terminal Pt 1

So an early day it was as we packed up Rachel's civic and she took us to LAX. Olive was on her best behavior as she curled up in a little ball and slept the whole way there. (We were VERY lucky, I know..)

No diapers, no screaming, not even a peep. We, along with all the passengers in our section were completely surprised and relieved..

They're here!

Rebecca and Olive arrive, looking for Grandma Garrison.

We did find her out front waiting in the car. Once she saw us, she pulled a Dukes of Hazard move, climbed out the window and slid over the hood. She came running at us with a huge smile on her face.. It was so great to see her so happy to see her son.

Funny thing though. Mom went right past me, straight to Olive..

Grandma had some catching up to do, and she did.

It had been six or seven weeks since they had seen each other, so they had lots to talk about. It was pretty special moment.

Great Grandma Lois tried to cut in but Grandma G held her ground.

But Olive was in a grand mood, as always. And it was so exciting to be in this living room, the one I played in since I was Olive's age, and to be here with my daughter.


But the excitement started to die down a bit, as mom just kept playing with baby for another 7 hours..

After brokering some baby time for 'a later time and date', Mom finally decided to share the kid with everyone else...

And then the Great Grandparents moved in and worked their magic. Grandma was singing songs and making new chirps and whistles, I was getting jealous. Olive was enraptured!

Grandpa, always the gentleman, awaited his first dance with the baby.

And another 14 hours later, Great Grandma Lois acquiesced.

More to come..!

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