Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chicago day 3

Up and at em! Vicki invited us on an afternoon of shopping and fun in Long Grove, Illinois. So we got dressed and headed to this small little 'village of shops' and kicked things off with a great lunch.

The Bloody Mary babysat us, and Mom kept an eye on Olive.

Funny enough we found this place that specialized in Olive Oils! It was like a brewery with 40 different taps to sample from.

We ended up buying a plate.

One Brazilian vendor had some great sandals for Rebecca, and in the corner of her shop, I saw this painting, and it made me think of Olive in the future. We'll have to wait and see..

In another 'garden' shop we found some great artworks, including these wire sculptures hanging from the ceiling.

I really dug this giant Crane.

Olive on the other hand, was a little wary.

So then we headed out to McHenry for an afternoon boat tour of Pistakee Bay.

So beautiful.

Like I said, so beautiful.


And Grandpa had the engines revving, eager to get us on the water.

Once he got past the 'no wake' zone, Grandpa put the pedal to the metal.

Hang on!

Within 5 minutes, we were out on the open water. It was wonderful having the lake to ourselves and the wind in our hair. Grandpa was point out a lot of scenic parts, but that engine was so loud, I didnt hear a word..

But I had fun!

No explanation needed for this house: The Pistakee Bay Yacht Club.

And whatever parts I missed, Vicki told me all about..

One boatride, and one great sunset later, Mommy and Olive took five in Grandpa's favorite chair.

Two neighbors from across the bay stopped by.

We got home about 8, and we had a dirty Olive to take care of. So we cleaned out the sink, grabbed the baby, and soon we were splish splashin away.

Mom got to dry her off

A nice end to such a busy day, eh mom?

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