Friday, July 10, 2009

The day is here..! part 1

And after a lovely little drive, we arrive at the magic building where we get to meet Olive for the first time..! Man it feels like we are driving to the airport to pick up a good, dear friend, arriving from some far off wonderful place.

Checking in!

We were originally scheduled for 9:30 am, but there were other mom's going through labor, and in situations much more critical than ours. So we just hung out in the holding room and texted y'all and watched Law and Order.

Nurses kept us posted, and we were bumped to 11, then 1:30, and just as we were thinking they were sending us home, they said, "Ok. We have an opening. Lets get dressed!"

So they whisked us to our lovely room and we began the pre-op. IV's, heart monitors, and funny gowns.. And the encouraging company of two 'soon-to-be-grandmas'.

And about 2:45 pm, it was showtime..

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