Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 2!

Day 2 I will always remember as the 'day reality sets in'.

Rebecca and I had just been up the night before, on constant watch for the faintest cry, moan, or whimper from little Olive. Plus the fact that our adrenalin was wearing off, and we were just flat out exhausted. and exhilirated. Not to mention she was recovering from a major surgery..

But the sun rose, and the birds chirped , and another beautiful day began..

Nurses stopped by, flowers arrived, packages came in. A doctor here, another test there, and the days momentum really got going.. Friends, family, feedings and phonecalls. It started to blur.

And we held on, but around 3 oclock that afternoon, we were both a little on the ropes. And just then I was pondering just how the hell can a parent live at this pace, but just as that happened, the 'tide went out' and soon it was just the three of us, just sleeping and smiling, and getting some much needed rest.

Three lovely ladies..!

Mom telling Olive about the day she was born, just like it was yesterday.

Uncle Paolo, the matchmaker who introduced Rebecca and I, tries to teach Olive the Stanford 'fight song'.

"I think she's a soccer fan."

And finally Dr. Nakashima. Our pediatrician/stand up comedian, checks out Olive and makes sure she has access to all my credit cards and bank accounts.. "You might as well surrender them now. She's gonna get them eventually" he explained.

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