Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 4! Homecoming. part 3

After we finally got our clearance to go, I ran and got the car while Rebecca stayed behind with Olive. We were so exhausted and eager to get out of the hospital, but as I waited down at the front doors, car seat installed, video camera in hand, Rebecca never came..

And after about 25 minutes I got this text:

Im going to kill someone!
They can't find a wheelchair.

Eventually, after searching the hospital, the only chair available was a one legged wheelchair. We took it and finally got out of there..

Expecting a catastrophic reaction to her new confinement, Olive just gurgled a bit and was rather easy about the whole thing.

Did I drive cautiously? Absolutely. Eventually we got home, and Ginny and Rachel had a lovely lunch for us.. We were starving.

Olive just rolled on up to the table, and Zankou chicken was served.


Even the cats were excited that we were home. Thats Capri on the left, and Gigi on the right. The weirdest part was realizing how huge our cats are compared to Olive. But they have been really respective of this new, rather loud roommate of theirs.

Olive and I took five on the couch. It had already been such a long day. But we were so glad to be home.

Let the Grandma time begin!

Only way I could make this picture more cute is if I had some baby ducklings and puppies in the shot.. But that would overdoing it. I think it is perfect just as it is.

Later that evening, Uncle Mike, our neighbor swung by. I cant say I remember much from that night, just that I was looking forward to sleeping on a mattress again..

Welcome home Olive!

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