Saturday, July 25, 2009

Off to meet Theo.

Good morning Miss Olive. Mr. Blacknose is back.

Ok.. Ill put the camera away...

Mom and daughter enjoy a lovely New Mexico breakfast.

Then mom was off to garden. And Olive went along in her new baby bjorn thingie..

I just hope Olive is not claustrophobic

(But I guess if she endured 9 months in a womb, this contraption feels pretty spacious to her)

Calm as ever, Olive slips into her car seat and off we go!

When we arrived, the annual Atwater 'Slip n Slide' day was well on its way..

But we came by to visit the mighty Thor, I mean 'Theo'.

He is Geogie's little brother, and although he is two weeks younger than Olive, he still has a good 75 pounds on her.

Once again I expected a little more fireworks between the two babies, as their parents are such good friends..

But in the end, they just slept.

Mylissa and Hamish's neighbor, and fellow mother, Catherine stopped by to say 'Hello' and catch up on the latest baby talk.

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