Friday, July 10, 2009

The day is here..! part 3

And here is Olive's first portrait. I think she was telling me to take a hike with my camera..

Part Eskimo baby, part snow-cone, she was toasty and warm and ready to take on the world.

But whoa, whoa, whoa! Not before eating something, young lady.
(I sound like a dad already.. huh?)

And for two first timers, they were naturals.. It was amazing to watch the instincts kick in, and just watch them do what they needed to do..

And after that first hour of mommy/daddy/daughter time, we could not have kept the grandmas (and Megan) out any longer.. We actually locked the door and barricaded it with a table, but Rachel found a fire-axe and mom a sledgehammer and they just came through the wall.

(Aint nothing keeping them away from this grandchild.)

And just as easily as motherhood has come to Rebecca, these two got the grandma thing down in no time..

And then there is Megan. Amazing Megan.

Rebecca and her have been friends since the beginning of time. And I can tell Olive is going to learn a lot about her mom through the crazy stories that Megan tells her. They've been classmates, roommates, best mates, and now mom-mates. (If that is such a word). She has been such a big part of Rebecca's life, and now Olive's. And on this special day, she was there, just as anxious as the rest of us, and has been such a HUGE help before, during, and after this pregnancy. I just cannot thank her enough and look forward to spending more time with her and her family!

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