Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 14 Tina, Ashley, and Olive.

Rebecca's neighborhood pal Tina stopped by and brought us some fantastic 'In and Out' burgers. They really hit the spot and let me just say, there is no better gift to brand new parents than visiting with food. It is a real nice treat.

Tina was one of the first to have babies, and she had some great advice about starting to pump now and not wait. Also did I mention she brought over food?

That was awesome..

Our cousin Ashley stopped by as she is in town for a big interview. Our fingers are crossed that she moves out here as the more family you have around, the better.

Oh my gosh..! A rare picture of the three of us!

Yeah, you forget to have people take pictures of the three of you together.. Im trying to train my cats to take photos of us but so far that hasnt worked.

She started it.. honest!

Ashley and Rebecca (and Buster) have this weird bond thing going on, ever since they first met.. Its pretty cool to watch, as whenever we'd visit, Id watch them go off and just laugh and catch up on everything, leaving me with my puppets.. (cue the sound of 'sad violins' here). :)

Not trying to push anything on anyone here,, but Ashley sure looks motherly, doesnt she?

(I think we found our babysitter.)

Ashley's bo, Jonathon swung by to meet Olive. Or so he says.. (to be honest I think he just came to see Ash). But seriously, it was nice to see him and he is one cool cat.

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