Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 11. Walkabout with Mike.

Yes, I realize this looks less like Glassell Park and more like West Hollywood, but that is our neighbor Mike (not gay) and his dog Bella, (also not gay) joining us on Olive's second walk.

Uncle Mike is a great guy and we trust him around our baby girl..

I mean, this guy would do anything to make sure Olive is safe and sound.. Except he needs to keep both hands on the stroller at all times.

Well, maybe this is West Hollywood, because on our walk we bumped into Aunt Brad. Another hilarious neighbor, and big fan of our stroller. (and Olive).

Poor Bella and Olive. They just wanted to keep walking while the grown ups talked about interior decorating.

Brad still cant get over the stroller, which Rebecca dubbed, "the Cadillac of strollers".

And regardless of the subject, the moment, the mood:

Aunt Brad and Uncle Mike always crack us up.

Almost home and Mike asks if he can push the stroller one more time.. We we're hesitant but realized how silly we were being... just use two hands ok?


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