Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Kalbeitzers Cometh

So it was up and at em today as we had lots to do.. First order of business was Olive and daddy watching 'the wire' together. Then Olive's favorite breakfast:

2 milk eggs,
some milk bacon,
a side of milk browns and a glass of milkjuice.

Then Olive had her second bath. She joined in the festivities by peeing in tub, but we were prepared. She came out looking and feeling better than ever...

And keeping up with the cleaning theme, I hold before you Olives first diapar bag. And Ive been told this will be the best smelling diaper collection my nose will have the pleasure of smelling. Because something is changing inside that little girl, and these little hershey kisses she has been making are now mutating into what appears to be a Grey Poupon/Napalm blend..

So while I was taking the bag to the chemical spill facility, Rachel swung by to get a little 'Grandma' time in. And let me tell you, having her around is a blessing! It allows us those little moments to run to the bank, take a shower, eat, etc. Thank you Rachel!

And finally the big meet and greet with the Kalbeitzers! (who are weeks away from their first daughter, Violet). We have a feeling Olive and Violet will be the greatest friends of Glassell Park.

Pilar and Rebecca, the two newest moms on the the block! Pilar only has two weeks to go, and she looks fantastic.

Looking forward to meeting you Violet!

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