Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 3! Williams, Grandmas, Doctors, and Handstands..

I wish these were more in focus but you get the idea.. Olive was feeding and her feet were clenching and releasing in the most random of ways. There is just something about her feet that Im really amazed by..

Dr. Mark Dwight: Mr. Incredible! He was off to host his sons fourth birthday today and was expecting over 75 guests. And just like always, at our room bright and early, cheerful and patient, and overwhelmingly positive. And he is in love with Olive. (even offering to take her if we didnt want her anymore..)

This was about the time the jetlag of baby birth was starting to kick in, but I didnt care one. I just wanted to stare at this little girl for the rest of the afternoon.

Dad doesnt look tired, does he?

Holding this baby just makes you happy.

Another master recipe from the basement. I think this was chicken surprise.. or oatmeal, Im not quite sure.

Every once in a while, Olive would wake up and just look around the room at everything, wondering just where in the world was she..?

Of course, Olive Knievel made an appearance. She wears it well, dont you think?

Brian and Julie stopped by to say hi to little Olive. They brought us the tastiest Olive spread and crackers we've ever had, and the've been such great friends to us while we tried to get pregnant over the years. It was really special to share this moment with them, and we look forward to many more.

Julie is a natural. She is ultra-mom and just takes care of everyone. Its wonderful to watch her with kids, and Brian. Her two children, Owen (4) and Brooke (@ 3 months) and Olive will be very good friends..

We look forward to the playdates and parties to come!

There is something so wonderful watching your mom hold your daughter..

And besides the sentimental reasons, you also can:

a)take a nap
b)give someone ten
c)get something to eat
d)go hug your wife
e)or go give someone ten. (aww crap. I said that already..) Well, do a handstand then.

Handstands or not, You are in good hands Olive.

Sweet dreams.

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