Sunday, August 16, 2009

Burps, smiles, and happy dad..

Yeah, this is weird to say, but its true..

One of my favorite times to be around Olive is her 'burp time'.

After a good 20 minute feed, she becomes this little, hunched over 'happy drunk', and her head is all rolling around, her eyes half lidded, and she wears the cutest smirk on her face hidden under the slightest milk moustache.

And we pick her up and sit her on our lap, and before the first tap on her back, she is leaning forward, opening her mouth, ready to let one fly..

Often, we dont even get the first pat in, before this little Olive goes


(Sometimes the noise even surprises her..)

She will sit there stunned for minute, kind of relieved, and then -

- its off to slumberland.

But you usually can get some great smiles out of her.. Rebecca already has the touch.

These are my best times to catch her smiling and cooing and doing all the cutesy stuff.

Olive is really connecting with mommy and its pretty magical to watch..

As for daddy, well thats a different story..

Im guessing Olive is freaking out over my interesting outfit.. But trust me Olive, they can get crazier than purple pajamas and red shirts.. Im sure you will find out about my crazy wardrobe soon enough. (the foam banana, the lederhosen, the sombreros..)

Well, although Olive is not too happy in these photos, her daddy is.

Maybe one of these times we'll get one where we're both smiling.. Thats my goal. Until then, anybody know where I can find a Stormtrooper outfit? or one of those Mr. Furley jackets he always wore on 'threes company'?

Hey Olive.. Why the strange face?

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  1. Your blog is KILLING me with the cute!!! Keep it coming!