Saturday, August 15, 2009

Barb, Grieves, and day 36.

Back from her trip to the land of mopeds,, and rocks, Barb swung by to meet our Olive.

Rebecca has known Barb and TR since her highschool days, and recently in 2006, a group of us joined them for a sailing trip down in the Caribbean..

After Barb's visit, she wrote the nicest email:

"Olive is quite the perfect baby. She is super alert, checking out her parents, a guest, windows and mirrors. She briefly smiles, gazes at you like she really gets who you are; yawns perfectly and can be a heart-breaker when she actually turns down the sides of her mouth to let you know she isn't absolutely perfectly happy. She gets an 'A' for cuddly and her skin is softer than silk. She has two wonderful parents mature enough to be a safe context to grow in. When she cries - it's almost nice but her Mom says when she wants to - she can really holler !
She even has a dainty, little burp.

Last but not least, as I left Becky and Erik gave me two "I LOVE OLIVE" buttons with a heart and an olive on it !

I can't wait to go back and visit !"

And that afternoon, our 'Atwater Village' neighbors stopped by for some sandbag toss and Rebecca's great cooking (and some killer Oatmeal cookies).

While the grown ups chowed down, the new kids on the block got to talk about milk, or onesies, or whatever babies gossip about..

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