Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 23 Aunt Terry and Uncle Alex

I must tell you.. This has got to be the best feeling of all time. Just listening to her cuddle and cooing and breathing. It is so calming, and so wonderful..

I love it.

And Uncle Alex does too. He and his wife Terry (Rachel's sister) came out from New Mexico to visit family and to meet the little Olive. They are wonderful with kids and it was great seeing them.

Good that Alex got to hold Olive when he did, because once Aunt Terry got her, she was not letting go..!

This is in Olive's room, with Rachel, Rebecca, Terry and little Olive. In the background you can see the lovely quilt that Rachel made us. She also made the lovely polka dot curtains in there, and I guess you could say she made Rebecca as well.

(She is really awesome at making things..)

These two could not get enough of Olive.. And I realize my daughter is going to be very, very spoiled by her New Mexico relatives.

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