Monday, August 17, 2009

Olive, Alix, Bonnie, and PJ.

Now that Olive is getting a bit bigger, she can start fitting into some of her new clothes. I love this purple look. Unfortunately, at the rate she is growing, it has a shelf life of 3 hours..

Glad I got a picture of it though.

Known to Rebecca as her 'little lamb', Alix and her boyfriend Shawn stopped by while biking to Canada or something (they were on a 22 mile ride that day!).

Rebecca used to babysit Alix when she was five, so it was pretty surreal for her to watch this moment.

In Olive's room, we have one of Alix's baby toys, a little rocking lamb, which will be making its blog debut soon Im sure.

One of Olive's biggest fans (and Alix's mom), Bonnie, also stopped by.

And after a busy day in the back yard, it was pajama time.

Good night Olive..

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