Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 34. Rub a dub in the bathtub!

Ok, Ok.. Im getting a little carried away with this blog. But know that I will be starting to pull back a little from the hourly reports to probably more of a 'weekly' variety..

That said, I wanted to share these photos of her first bath in an actual tub, and not a tupperware container.

Olive and momma, ready to get 'down and dirty'..

I should rephrase that.. Ready to get 'mean and clean'. Yeah, thats better.

For some reason, Olive started striking all these poses thinking this was a swimsuit audition..

When I threw in the towel, she looked a bit alarmed.. Like I was trying to censor her or something.. But I assure you I put that there to keep her from peeing on the camera, and that her 'freedom of expression' is still alive and well.

C'mon Olive, outta the tub so we can go to Aunt Mary's..!

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