Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vicki, Ashley, and Magic Johnson.. (day 32)

Having Rachel around has been such a blessing. Its amazing how much it helps to have her hold Olive while we both scurry around the house and do our odd jobs. And I have the feeling Rachel enjoys it as well.

Aunt Vicki flew in from Chicago to help Ashley move into her apartment. Which means, you guessed it, Ashley got the job!

Uncle Jason swung by to say hello.

I had to join the fun as well.. Just take a look at the scale of Gigi, and Olive.. But the good news is, they both like each other.. But I am worried once Olive starts crawling around, pulling Gigi's whiskers, and stuff like that..

And off to our backyard to test out our new cushions, and crazy colors.. I wonder what was going through Olive's mind when we brought her back there.

I dont remember what Vicki just said, but Ashley has that classic: "Oh mom, I cant believe you just said that" faces.

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