Sunday, August 9, 2009

Studio City BBQ and Sea Food..

JoAnna was in town and had the crew over for nice BBQ afternoon.

Soon as we arrived, it was a scurry in the kitchen to get everything ready. Cyndi, now about a month away from giving birth to 'no-name', (now being called Ryder), gets in some practice with Olive.

If it werent for those wiffle balls, Im afraid the bat would've been hitting something else.

As the afternoon went on, the neighbors wiffle ball collection substantially grew.

Uncle Mike, taking a well deserved 'seventh inning stretch'.

Sir Ramsey manned the grill, and cooked up a storm..

This guy is a master griller of the Meat Universe..

(should I trademark that? Its sooooo catchy)

And while we ate the delicious food, Ruby was chewing off her 'press on nails'. Here, she offers some nail to her mom. Yum!

And then Uncle Mike, being the great role model that he is, taught Roan about the wonders of 'sea food'.

But Roan won't do stuff like that.. Because Roan is an angel and we're already calling him 'Olive's Boyfriend'. He's such a cutie.

Ahhhh Roan...!

So Uncle Mike challenged the two to a staring contest.

The crowd watched with intensity.. Just who would win??

And while they stared for another 45 minutes, we all got back to the BBQ.

Somehow the staring ended and Ruby took Roan off to play.
(Such a nice big sister she is.)

Those two kids get along so well..!

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